Sports fans wonder how is badminton unlike other racquet sports? Before we begin, it is essential to clarify what Badminton is?

Badminton is a racquet sport. To play, two players (singles) or two pairs (doubles) located on opposite halves of a square court divided by a net, fight each other. In contrast to other racket sports (such as tennis), Badminton is not played with a ball, but with a shuttlecock.

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Players have to take a shot with their rackets and the shuttlecock to cross the court over the net and fall into the opponent’s area. The point ends when the shuttlecock touches the ground after exceeding the net.

Badminton court is a must in this game.

Players hit the wheel with their racquets so that it goes over the net and into the opponents’ half-court. The play ends when the flyer touches the ground: each hit must be played as a volley. In doubles, one player of a pair can hit the pilot (except on the serve), but only one hit is provided before the flyer passes again into the opponents’ court.

Players receive a point if the flyer descends at or within the boundary of their opponent’s court, or if their opponent’s shot does not pass the net or falls outside the court’s parameters.

This game originated in Asia but was later taken to England.

A play begins with the server, in which the serving player must hit the wheel so that, if he leaves it, it lands on the diagonally opposite service court.

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How is Badminton unlike Other Racquet Sports: FAQ?

Importance of Playing Badminton

The badminton habit has a positive impact on the physical and psychological health of those who practice it, which makes this sport a perfect resource to find and sustain a state of comfort that thinks an optimization in the quality of life both in adolescents, seniors and senior citizens.

More descriptively, the main benefits of Badminton for the health that are achieved when training this sport have great benefits.

Maintain correct body weight

When the purpose of the exercise is to lose weight, burn fat and, consequently, find a slimmer body, Badminton is a recurring alternative because it is an aerobic exercise that demands a systematic effort of maximum intensity.

Increase resistance and lung fitness

The duration of the games and their intensity makes the body optimize all the time the aerobic and anaerobic resistance, gaining lung and heart fitness. This not only makes the exercise more comfortable and increases the workload but also optimizes the performance in daily occupations.

Improve reflexes, synchronisation and agility

Opposition time is optimized thanks to the agility of the game, which directly leads to improved reflexes, overall muscle synchronization and skill of the practitioner.

Increase visual skills

One of the benefits of this sport that commonly goes unnoticed is the optimization of numerous points related to vision. Besides, a better ocular-manual synchronization is obtained. Visual opposition time and peripheral field amplitude are two other properties of vision that are trained with Badminton.

Get emotional comfort

The badminton habit not only constitutes a diversion that facilitates to escape from the truth day after day but, as it happens with other sports; it also assists in leaving in freedom endorphins and serotonin that reduce the scenes of stress and anxiety, offering a state of comfort.

Players have to understand hitting the balls

In doubles, only one player, the receiver, can return the service (after that, one of the players can hit the wheel); the order of the service in doubles is precise by the Laws, which state that all players serve and receive in turn. If the server wins the move, it will continue to operate; if it loses the movement, the service will go to its opponent. In any situation, the winner will add one point to his score.

Also, it is essential to clarify that the bullet must not touch the edges of the court for any reason.

You can play in three ways. To win each game, players must score 21 points (exceptions are listed below).

There are five types of events known: men’s doubles, women’s doubles, men’s doubles, women’s doubles and mixed doubles. In each of these events, a man or a woman can be seen.

Badminton vs. Table Tennis

The main distinction between Badminton and table tennis lies in the field. Table tennis courts are comparatively small, measuring 9 feet long and 5 feet wide.

Besides, where badminton nets are 5 feet high, table tennis nets are only 6 inches protruding. In the table tennis situation, a small ball is used instead of a shuttlecock.

Another considerable distinction is a racket. In table tennis, “paddles” are substitutes for rackets and are usually made of wood.

Here are the rules. In table tennis, it has been won when the player achieves a victory in 4 games of 11 points each. While badminton players have to hit the wheel before it bounces once playing, table tennis players have to hit the tennis ball before it glances twice sideways.

In table tennis, it is not important to win some points, throughout the entire match; the two players switch between being useful two points each.

Beyond the fact that both Badminton and tennis are thought to be very rigorous sports, there is a marked distinction between them.

First, let’s talk about the scoring system. A badminton match has a unique 2 out of 3 games, and each game is played to 21 points. Also, in tennis, a game is played in a group of 6 games, with an impressive 3 of 5 games. If a player gets 4 points, the game is over.

The playing field is also significantly different: a badminton court is half the size of a tennis court, both concerning width and length.

In Badminton, the server only gets one try when serving; in tennis, however, they will get two chances. However, for that, tennis players have the possibility of using rackets that weigh four times the weight of badminton racquets.


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