Your customer wants your product to reflect what lock believe around the world.

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You have to understand a customer’s an individual identity in stimulate to recognize the task they’re hiring her product come do.By researching the project your product does, you’ll better understand the identity of her customer.By researching your customer’s an individual identity, you will do it uncover the project they’re make the efforts to obtain done.



Zoe is a digital marketer at a graphic design agency, and also she’s been tasked this 4 minutes 1 with boosting the that company SEO. However, the just guidance she has received native her boss is to get the website to rank higher on Google. In order for Zoe to produce a successful SEO strategy because that the business, what should her an initial step be?

True or False? including structured data to a web page guarantees the it will appear as a wealthy snippet in search results.

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Jo is a marketer in ~ Papier, a stationery agency that does most of their business online. Jo has actually noticed that Papier is fallout’s behind their competitors in find results and also wants to enhance their ranking and clickthrough rate. Just how should Jo go about optimizing the Papier website because that this goal?

When performing keyword research, how can you identify which keywords you should create content for?

Chris is a marketing manager in ~ The pet Box, which provides subscription boxes because that pet owners. Chris wants to boost traffic to The pet Box’s main product page. Right now that web page ranks ~ above the second page of search results for your target keyword. Chris has started enhancing the on-page SEO of the page, optimizing the for their target keyword, and also seeking backlinks from famous pet care blogs. In order to track development towards your goal, i beg your pardon metrics must Chris track?

Choose all the apply. What are the most essential things to do once replying to push request alerts?

When structure a connection with the score of receiving backlinks, what is the an initial thing you should do?

Sam is the marketing director because that StyleHub, a clothes boutique. They opened their brick and mortar store last year, yet Sam just published the website a month ago and it isn’t receiving much traffic yet. Now, they’re prepared to focus on SEO and also have some sources to dedicate to it. Which three tactics need to Sam emphasis on initially?

True or False? You have to emulate the top-ranking contents for your target keyword, yet offer distinctive value.