So, you want to leave your hamster alone because that a trip. Friend don’t want to inconvenience anyone in taking care of your small fluff ball for you, for this reason you’re wondering, how long can a hamster walk without food and also water anyway? They have the right to survive there is no food and water for around 3-4 days maximum since they last had food or water, come answer her question.

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Now the you know this information, rest assured, you’re probably okay to leave on the weekend trip, but you certainly will desire to ask who to take treatment of your hamster for you if you leaving for much longer.

Maybe you room wondering around other treatment tips for hamsters, exactly how to tell once they space not in great health and also find out if they do miss out on you when you’re gone. Allow us aid you through this refresher course!


How regularly Do Hamsters require Food and Water?

Image Credit: NanaSod, PixabayHamsters, through nature, room desert animals. This is the reason they will frequently hoard the food inside their hamster house. This is one factor you need not concern if you room gone for a few days, together it is likely that her hamster has already some food stashed away for such a time together this.

But also though lock hoard food sometimes, girlfriend still must feed lock regularly.

Feeding Guidelines

Image Credit: Cristina RC, ShutterstockHamsters flourish on pellet food that originates from the store. Once you feed them pellet food, they room unable to find through and also just pick out their favorites, they are only left through the one food that has actually all the nutrition lock need.

Your hamster have the right to have “real food,” too. However, you must only provide them enough perishable food as they can eat in 4 hours’ time. If you an alert they have actually not finished in the time, you need to remove the food to avoid it native going rancid.

So, exactly how much food perform hamsters need, and how often? this is a quick list that what they deserve to have ~ above a daily basis:

Feeding your hamster v this routine will offer them well balanced nutrition. The course, speak to your vet if you want to it is in sure. Each hamster is various with various health needs.

Watering Guidelines

Image Credit: mr Belbury, WikimediaFreshwater have to be noted for your hamster every the time. Bigger hamsters need much more water, generally speaking. Typically, it’s most basic to offer your hamster water in a water bottle that attaches to the side of your cage, v a steel tube put into the cage. The tube has a tiny ball at the end that moves when the hamster licks it, allowing just a little water come come out at a time.

As long as the water is clean, merely refill the water bottle when it is getting low, and also clean the water party regularly. Refilling the bottle as soon as it’s short should carry out your hamster with sufficient water because that his everyday needs, no issue his size.

How Long can a Hamster be Left Alone?

You desire to find out just how long you deserve to really plan your next vacation without leaving her hammy for also long. So exactly how long is also long?

Can ns Leave my Hamster for a Week?

Image Credit:, ShutterstockIt’s possible to leave your hamster for a week, as part hamster parents have actually done this and also have reverted to discover their hamster in an excellent or it s okay condition. This have to only be done once there space no various other options, though, as your hamster likely is used to the program of you being around, and will miss the social aspect of girlfriend in his life.

One thing to save in mind is how much trouble a hamster can get into once left alone for also long. Her hamster might shot an escape routine while you room gone. So, if you perform leave for that long, make sure you take essential precautions. One pet owner placed their hamster’s cage in a bath tub while they to be gone, simply to be certain her hamster i will not ~ chew with the cage and be gone.

So, if you need to leave your hamster for a week, or simply for a few days, make sure that you take the crucial measures and provide enough food and also water for sustenance when you room away.

How come Leave sufficient Food and Water for your Hamster while You’re Gone

Image Credit: JessicaGirvan, ShutterstockWhen it pertains to leaving her hamster sufficient water when you’re away, the a an excellent idea come install two water party onto her hamster’s cage. This serves one function in making sure there’s sufficient water, but additionally serves as a back-up in instance one of the bottles breaks or falls short to dispense water.

For food, offer him numerous protein resources that will not go poor if they sit in the cage when you space gone. Fill up the food bowl with protein-rich foods. The likely has some food hoarded in his home to sustain the a little while longer, too.

In enhancement to this, administer some very dry food prefer grains, and some really wet food choose melon and also veggies like cucumber. This wet food will provide them a small extra water because that while you space gone. Friend may additionally consider leaving a biscuit-type food that they deserve to chew on progressively for the job you room gone.

Keep in mind your hamster’s personality if you room planning to be away from him. Walk he part out his food as soon as you normally feed him, or is he greedy and also gobbles it all up ideal away? You deserve to determine just how much extra you may need to leave him based on his temperament.

Do Hamsters miss Their Owners?

Image Credit: PublicDomainPictures, PixabayYou might wonder if, by leaving your hamster alone for a long time, your hamster will obtain lonely and also miss you. While us can’t recognize for sure, us do recognize some things around hamsters and people.

Hamsters room solitary animals by nature. So, if friend leave her hamster alone a lot, they will not experience from a absence of attention. Though, hamster owner can kind bonds with their pet by day-to-day handling and showing them affection.

If castle are provided to a everyday routine the love and affection from you, and all of a suddenly it stops for a few days, your small hamster may indeed miss you. But if he is used to being left alone because that days in ~ a time, it will not impact him much.

Hamster Distress Signs

Image Credit: VH-studio, ShutterstocWhen you return home from her time away, you will want to inspect on your hamster to make sure he is tho healthy and happy. Be sure to look him over and give that food or water immediately if the is out. He can look a small peakish at very first but could improve after ~ the nutritious boost.

If your hamster is showing these signs, automatically or ~ a few days, friend will desire to take him to your vet:



While you deserve to leave her hamster without food or water for a encourage amount the 3 or 4 work max, you can leave him alone for as much as a week, if you provide the suitable amount of food and also water. It’s best, though, if you can have who take care of her hamster because that you or at least check in ~ above him as soon as or twice. This way, once you come home, you room guaranteed to have actually a healthy and balanced hamster waiting for you.

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Jordin Horn is a freelance writer who has actually covered countless topics, including home improvement, gardening, pets, CBD, and parenting. End the years, she has actually moved about so lot that there’s been no time to settle down and also own a pet. However, as an pet lover, she dotes on and also cuddles any pet she wake up upon! She grew up with and also dearly love an American Eskimo Spitz called Maggie and a Pomeranian/Beagle mix named Gabby. She call Colorado home, however has additionally recently stayed in China, Iowa, and Puerto Rico

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Jordin Horn

Jordin Horn is a freelance writer who has actually covered plenty of topics, including house improvement, gardening, pets, CBD, and also parenting. End the years, she has moved around so much that there"s to be no time to settle down and own a pet. However, as an pet lover, she dotes on and cuddles any type of pet she wake up upon! She prospered up with and also dearly loved an American Eskimo Spitz called Maggie and also a Pomeranian/Beagle mix named Gabby. She phone call Colorado home, however has also recently lived in China, Iowa, and Puerto RicoJordin does not choose to clear up for the "easy answer" when it involves living life with your pet. She loves to research study the finest methods and also products the end there and also cut with the jargon so you deserve to see plainly what miscellaneous is or how something is done.