basically the title says it all. If your trying to conserve up evolutions to perform them throughout a solitary lucky egg, how numerous evolutions can one perform in a 30 min period to maximize the time of the egg?


Depends ~ above how fast the video game runs on your phone, yet following this video

20 seconds for the advancement animation

6 seconds if it"s new and being registered come pokedex

And some time inbetween. If us say you"re fast and can get to the following one in on typical 6 seconds (I assume countless of them would be the same, ie. Pidgeys)

If we then i think the pokedex no be a problem;26 secs each30 minutes

That gives ~69 evolutions, noted it"s the exact same for all pokemon.

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Less if friend gotta resolve the pokedex


One solitary evolution takes exactly(ish) 25 seconds for the animation to totally play out, meaning that girlfriend can"t perform anything throughout that time. For this reason if us account for user rate we have the right to estimate that you have the right to do 2 a minute, meaning you would be able to do 60 evolution"s in a 30 minute period.


Upward of 70, conventionally. More, through luck. With extr hardware, beyond 200.As calculated in the various other answers, yes, girlfriend can easily induce an ext than 60 evolutions in fifty percent an hour by simply focusing. I think I"ve gotten up come 71, this way. Yet that"s not the maximum.

Restarting the application can be much faster than the advancement animation. top top a current-gen phone, on good internet, once the servers have actually a light load, friend can leave the game and also then get back through the log-in process in as little as fifty percent the time that takes come wait the end an evolution. In this fashion, advancement sprees of an ext than 100 Pokémon space attested.

You have the right to log in come the same account on an ext than one an equipment to multithread your evolution sprees. In this way, the only cap on your evolutions-per-minute is how fast you have the right to operate the video game interfaces. I have personally operated three phones in ~ once, moving through lock in a repeating wave, and evolved an ext than 200 Pokemon in one half-hour.

You can, offered the opportunity, likewise combine these two techniques. Sounds like a real chore come me, though.

Please keep in mind that undertaking these methods is not strictly versus the game"s regards to service, but account sharing is, so that is naturally versus the rules to enlist a friend to help you control multiple devices (they can still loan girlfriend a device, though.) even if it is or not these tactics qualify as cheats, however, is left to your feeling of conscience. Most games with a multiplayer element will absolutely no permit multiple video game sessions top top one account, for this reason it"s not favor it would be wierd to watch an exploitative element in this methods.

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Theoretically, a third-party regimen abusing the deobfuscated video game API could evolve your entire inventory near-instantaneously, but doing so would absolutely no be permissable under the TOS. Regardless, a cheater deserve to do up to 1000 (the maximum variety of Pokémon you can hold, ~ bag upgrades) during the activation duration of simply one happy egg, plus yet many more his teleporting bot have the right to catch before the half-hour is over.