Sulfur, a chemicalelement via the symbol S and also atomic number 16, is the tenth and fifth-mostprevalent aspect by mass in the cosmos and on the earth respectively. At normaltemperature and pressure sulhair atoms create cyclic octatomic molecule (chemicalformula S8).

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Sulfur is an extremely vital aspect in both perspectives: biological and also chemical. It is an essentialcomponent of all living cells, and is a major component of proteins, enzymes,vitamins, amino acids, cysteine, and so on. which present its biological prestige.

Elemental sulhair isused as 85% of the manufacturing of the king of compounds H2SO4 not only this many kind of majors’compounds like SO2, H2S are ready via the aid of elepsychological sulfur whichreflects its chemical prominence.

You are below tounderstand valence electrons of a sulfur atom, aren’t you? Don’t problem together with sulfurvalence electrons we will explain its valency also. But prior to that let’s havesome basic concepts around what these 2 terms are:

Difference BetweenValence Electrons and also Valency

Valence electronsare the total number of electrons existing in the outera lot of shell of an atom(i.e. in outermany orbital). The valence electrons for a neutral atom areconstantly definite, it cannot be differed (even more or less) in any type of condition for acertain atom and may or may not be equal to its valency.


Valency is definedas the full number of electrons, an atom can lose, acquire, or share at the timeof bond development to acquire a stable digital configuration i.e. to complete anoctet. The valency of an atom have the right to be variable in different compounds orchemical reactions as a result of the different bonding situations. Most of the timevalency varies/alters as a result of readjust in oxidation and reduction states.

Sulfur (S) ValenceElectrons

There are foureasy steps to uncover out the valence electrons for sulfur atom which are:

Tip 1: Find theAtomic Number


To discover out theatomic variety of sulfur, we can usage the routine table. With the aid of theroutine table, we can quickly check out that the atomic number of sulhair is 16. Asits atomic number is 16, it has 16 prolots, and for neutral sulhair, the numberof protons is always equal to the variety of electrons i.e. has actually 16 electrons inits nucleus.

Tip 2: WriteElectron Configuration


Electronconfiguration is the plan of electrons on the orbitals. The sulhair atomhas a complete of 16 electrons so, we need to put 16 electrons in orbitals. Theelectrons will certainly be placed in various orbitals according to the energy level:<1s, 2s, 2p, 3s, 3p, 4s, 3d, 4p, 5s, 4d, 5p, 6s, 4f, 5d, 6p, 7s, 5f>. Now,

Sulfur electronconfiguration S (16) =1s22s22p63s23p4(completeconfiguration).

=3s²3p⁴(condensed configuration).

Tip 3: DetermineValence Shell

As we recognize, thevalence shell of an atom have the right to be found from the greatest number of principlequantum numbers which are expressed in the term of n, and also in 3s²3p⁴, thehighest possible value of n is 3 so that the valence shell of sulfur is3s²3p⁴.

Tip 4: FindValence Electrons

The total number ofelectrons existing in the valence shell of an atom are called valence electrons,and also tright here are a total of 6 electrons existing in the valence shell of sulfur (3s²3p⁴).Thus,sulfur has actually six valence electrons.

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Valency of Sulhair (S)

Tright here are manydifferent methods to find out the valency of an atom which shows the capacity ofan atom to bond via various other atoms. Valence defines just how conveniently an atom or atotally free radical have the right to incorporate with other chemical species. The valency of an atom isidentified based on the number of electrons lost, obtained, or common withone more atom at the moment of bond formation.

An atom is sassist tobe stable when its outermany shells have actually eight electrons (except H & He).If the full number of electrons in outermost shells is between one to 4,the atom has actually positive valency and also if electrons are in between four to eight, thevalency is calculated by subtracting from eight and valency will certainly be zero. Atomshaving 4 outermost electrons possess both positive and also negative valency, andatoms having eight outera lot of electrons, valency will be zero (i.e. noblegases).

Elements favor sulfurdeserve to reach the steady state (nearemainder inert gas configuration: Ar) by obtaining 2electrons.So that the valency of sulhair is 2.

Mathematically, theelectronic configuration of sulfur is 2, 8, 6. And as we know, if electrons inouterthe majority of shell exceeds from 4, it have to be subtracted from 8. So,

ElectronConfiguration of sulhair (S) = 2, 8, 6

We can view the outerthe majority of shell of sulfur has actually 6 electrons so, need to subtract it from 8.

8 – 6 = 2

That’s why valencyof sulhair is 2.

Note: In general, sulfurhas a stable oxidation state of -2 in many of the compounds yet it varies from-2 to +6 in different compounds because of the various bond stcapacity anddevelopment. Do not confuse through -2 or somepoint else with positive or negativesigns, it is just an oxidation number that deserve to vary from compound to compound. Butits valency is constantly 2 in any type of case.

In one more sense, asulhair atom deserve to develop a maximum of 2 covalent bonds in chemical bonding (For example:CS2, H2S, and so on.), and also that what valency is, the maximum capacity to develop bondswith atoms at the time of chemical reactions.

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We can likewise findthe valency of sulhair with the help of the regular table. As sulfur belongs toteam 16 (6A or VIA) together with oxygen (O), arsenic (As), and selenium (Se), tellurium(Te), polonium (Po), and livermorium (Lv). These team aspects are likewise dubbed chalcogen.All these aspects have actually a valency of 2.