Bre-Z Biography and also Wiki

Bre-Z, born as Calesha Murray is a record artist and also actress finest known for her duty on Fox’s top-rated television collection Empire in 2015, Fat Camp in 2017, and also All American in 2018.

She began her music career at the age of 14, performing about her area that obtained recognition from the freeway of Roc-A-Fella’s state property. Freeway acquired Bre-z right into the recording studio wherein she had the ability to sharpen her craft and also start to develop her own songs, uncover her musical voice, and develop her unique, androgynous style. She released her debut single “best of me” feat. Lil mo early 2018, complied with by the video which was released in march the same year, “best of me” by Bre z has garnered over 190k see on the virtual video-sharing platform; Youtube. Bre released her debut ep, “the girl.” in July 2018.

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Music was and also still remains to be among Bre-Z’s major passions. Her transition into acting came courtesy of Fox’s Empire. What was at first a entry for musical consideration on the present turned into a full-on recurring role where she played a tough, mrs teenager called Freda Gatz. She followed that increase with one more regular spreading on the CW’s every American, a high school football drama, whereby she theatre a young lesbian from Crenshaw, California.

Bre-Z Age

Bre-Z is 33 years old as of 2020. She to be born ~ above July 22, 1978, in Philadelphia, PA, United states of America. Her family later relocated to Wilmington, DE, whereby she was raised. Bre celebrate her birthday on July 22nd every year. Her zodiac sign is Cancer.

Bre-Z Height

Bre shows up to be fairly tall in stature if his photos, family member to his surroundings, space anything to go by. However, details concerning his really height and other body dimensions are currently not publicly available. Us are keeping tabs and also will update this info once that is out.


Bre-Z Family

She is the daughter of Carla and David Mayfield. She is from a household of barbers together both her father and grandfather to be barbers. She has a gorgeous sister too

Bre-Z Partner

Bre-Z is right now in a relationship with Esthetician and also Makeup artist kris Amore, the two are usually posting photos together and they it seems ~ to it is in deeply right into each other. She is the next iteration that Black ladies playing various gender duties on screen. As one would expect, this has lugged a lot of recognition to Bre-Z’s very own sexual identity, yet that’s whereby her protective power kicks in.

Bre-Z network Worth

Bre-Z has an approximated net precious of $4 million dollars as of 2020. This contains her assets, money, and also income. Her primary resource of earnings is she career as a record Artist and also Actress. With her assorted sources that income, Murray has been able come accumulate a good fortune however prefers to lead a usual lifestyle.

Brez Facts and also Body Measurements

Here room some exciting facts and body measurements you don’t want to miss around Calesha Murray.

Bre-Z Bio and also Wiki

Full Name: Calesha MurrayGender: FemaleProfession: ActressNationality: AmericanRace/ Ethnicity: BlackReligion: not KnownSexual Orientation: Bi-sexual

Bre-Z Age and also Birthday

Age/ just how Old?: 33 year (2020)
Date of Birth: July 22, 1978Place that Birth: Philadelphia, PABirthday: July 22.Nationality: American

Bre-Z Family and Relationship

Father’s Name: David MayfieldMother’s Name: Carla MayfieldSiblings: SisterMarried?: NoChildren/ Kids: No

Bre-Z body Measurements

Height/ just how tall?: To it is in updatedWeight: To be updatedEye Color: brownHair Color: black

Bre-Z net Worth and Salary

Profession: Rapper, ActressNet worth: $3 million

Bre-Z House and Cars

Place of living: USACars: vehicle Brand to be Updated

Bre-Z Boyfriend ray Christopher

There to be rumors doing ring on society media around Bre-Z and also Ray Christopher dating, the rumors began when the 2 posted pictures in addition to what appeared to be romantic captions. The 2 never shown that castle were undoubtedly dating yet they continue to be to be good friends.

Bre-Z Movies and also TV Shows

All American (since 2018) together Tamia CooperFat Camp (2017)Down for Whatever (2018)Empire TV collection (2015-2019) as Freda Gatz

Frequently request Questions around Bre-Z

Who is Bre-Z?

Bre-Z, born as Calesha Murray is a record artist and actress best known because that her duty on Fox’s top-rated television collection Empire in 2015, Fat Camp in 2017 and also All American in 2018.

How old is Bre-Z?

Bre-Z is 32 year old together of 2019, she was born ~ above July 22, 1978, in Philadelphia, PA, United states of America.

How high is Calesha Murray?

Murray has not mutual her height with the public. Her elevation will be listed once we have actually it from a credible source.

Is Calesha Murray married?

Details around her love life room still under review. We will certainly let you recognize when she it s okay in a partnership or once we discover valuable information around her love life.

What is Bre-Z genuine Name?

Bre-Z was born in Philadelphia, PA together Calesha Murray.

How much is Calesha Murray worth?

Bre-Z has an approximate net worth the $1 million. This amount has been accrued from her leading functions in the entertain industry.

How much does Calesha Murray make?

Calesha’s earnings from her functions in Empire and also All American room still under review and will it is in updated as shortly as we have an ext information

Where go Calesha Murray live?

Bre-Z is a native of Philadelphia, PA, However, the actress/rapper has not mutual her exact area that residence, probably because of security reasons however this ar will it is in updated as shortly as us have much more information.

Is Calesha Murray dead or alive?

Murray is alive and of an excellent health. There have actually been no reports of she being sick or having any health-related issues.

Where is Calesha Murray now?

She still pursuing she passions in music and also on the big screen. Bre-Z still has a duty in every American one American sporting activities drama tv series, developed by April Blair the premiered top top The CW on October 10, 2018.

Bre-Z society Media Accounts

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