Cherokee D Ass is an American adult movie actress, model, and film director. She is ideal known for she fabulous acting in adult movie of global studios. She is additionally famous for functioning as a film director in ~ Yrk Productions.

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Cherokee was born and raised in California, US in addition to family and relatives. Gift passionate around fashion, glamour, and also modeling ever because a child, in ~ a young age she made decision to make a job in the same field. She amassed popularity roughly the civilization in 1999 after debuting in the adult movie market at the period of 23.

NameCherokee D Ass
Nick NameCherokee
Birth PlaceCalifornia, US
Date the BirthFebruary 11, 1976
Age(as that 2021)45 Years
ProfessionActress and Director

Cherokee D Ass Age, Height, and also Weight

Cherokee D Ass’s age is 45 years (as that 2021). She is 5′ 7″ tall and she weight is about 74 kg.

Career and Achievements

Cherokee began her career together an adult movie actress in 1999 in ~ the age of 23 through a famous studio film. In a short span the time, she gained popularity in the industry due to the fact that of fabulous work and talent. With rising fame together an actress, she operated with an international film studios consisting of Xvideos and more.

In 2009, Cherokee to be nominated for the AVN compensation in the Unsung Starlet of the Year category. Subsequently, in 2011 she obtained an urban X compensation in Ass biggest in porn category. Presently, Cherokee functions as one adult film director in ~ Yrk Production. She has directed much more than 100 movies so far in her career.


Cherokee D Ass hails from California, US.Black is her favourite color.Singing, dancing, and also traveling are her hobbies.Australia is her vacation destination.Cherokee is a movie director at Yrk Productions.

Associated With

Dani Leigh is too a renowned Instagram star and social media influencer.

Net Worth

Cherokee D Ass’s net worth together of now, in 2021 is approximated to be much more than $800k. Sources the her income are acting, modeling, direction, and different service ventures.

Social Media

What is the period of Cherokee D Ass?

Age that Cherokee D Ass is 45 year (as of 2021).

When is the birthday of Cherokee D Ass?

Cherokee D Ass’s date of birth is top top February 11, 1976.

How tall is Cherokee D Ass?

Cherokee D Ass is 5′ 7″ tall.

Where is Cherokee D Ass from?

Cherokee D Ass is native California, US.

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