For fans of Warframe, the hype for Plains of Eidolon is as real as the grind game. We’re all about that loot life at too, so we’ve partnered with developer Digital Extremes on something we’re so excited to finally announce — The Great Eidolon Hunt.

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The largest Warframe expansion ever, Plains of Eidolon, is coming out on this Fall. In the past, previous Warframe missions have been set in closed in environments. This expansion will introduce the game’s first ever Open Zones, which can be explored on players’ own terms. It also adds all new RPG elements and — wait for it — fishing!

When it arrives, you’ll be able to score Drops simply by watching any Warframe stream. While some Drops will occur randomly, there are also tasks that both streamers and viewers can perform to score guaranteed Drops. Let’s break it down.

For starters, players who link their Warframe and accounts will automatically receive an exclusive Syandana once Plains of Eidolon launches. Boom. Also, at launch, Digital Extremes will be kicking off a very special event — The Great Eidolon Hunt. This event will run for two weeks, giving viewers a chance to earn Drops ranging from exclusive decorations to cosmetics, resources, and even Prime gear!

The Great Eidolon Hunt:

Watch and Earn: When any viewer watches ANY Warframe stream for 1 cumulative hour, that viewer will be rewarded with an exclusive Landing Craft Wisp Decoration (one per account).

In-game Achievements: When any streamer earns any in-game achievement, all viewers will receive a random Drop ranging from cosmetics to Prime gear.

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On top of these opportunities, viewers will have a random chance of potentially earning Drops for tuning into their favorite broadcaster streaming Warframe during the first two weeks! This is the first time Drops have been integrated with in-game achievements, so make sure to go out there and cheer on your favorite Warframe streamer!

Plains of Eidolon launches this Fall. Link your Warframe and accounts today, Tenno, and we’ll all score some Drops together.

Veteran Streamer but new to Warframe? The game is free to download. Check it out now to get ready to participate in the Drops madness for your community!