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Good evening anyone interested,

My name is Dave and I am from Bristol in the UK. Prior to Christmas i was out shopping in a industry with my daughter Ava (8 yrs old) when she spotted part fused glass jewellery ~ above a stand. Ava thought it was wonderful and automatically wanted to understand if it was feasible for her to do some. Obviously, I said yes without reasoning as us make several interesting and arty ingredient together. Once house I looked right into the subject and realised we were walking to require some type of Kiln come fuse the glass. I looked right into the price of a kiln and also to it is in honest discovered the prices fairly offensive so us (Ava & me) determined the way forward to be to construct a glass fusing kiln indigenous scratch.

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The an initial issue was an enclosure - luckily this was resolved by mine work. They were dumping a large aluminium radio test enclosure which seemed perfect. The enclosure currently had an aluminium control box on the side and also was generally really robust. The enclosure didn\"t have actually a lid yet was otherwise good. Ns did some reading around and also decided beforehand to heat the kiln indigenous the height as this offers the glass a much better gloss finish. So i knew from job one ns was walking to need to fabricate a height lid with combined heating system. Come fuse glass you require a sustained temperature of around 800C and also aluminium melts at around 660C - therefore a little problem existed. The enclosure to be going to have to be an extremely well insulated and also to achieve this I supplied a combination of ceramic fire brick, ceramic blanket and also high temperature adhesive. Come fuse glass you don\"t simply turn on the heat complete power and also sit back. You have to increase the temperature slowly and more importantly reduce the temperature gradually to stop thermal shock that the glass. To manage this procedure I provided an Altec pc 410 multi-program multi-step industrial temperature controller connected to a K-type thermocouple.

I expect you reap the series of videos and also images i have had to explain my Kiln structure project. Please if everyone has any questions or comments you re welcome feel cost-free to obtain in touch and I will be an ext than happy to shot and help.

Please remember if you effort to construct any form of kiln the result temperatures deserve to be extremely dangerous and could result in severe injury. No to point out the usage of mains electrical power in high current applications.

I have connect to a video clip here which show the enclosure before I started to heat it with insulation and likewise a look in ~ the Altec pc 410 commercial heating controller.My early stage though to be to line the enclosure with big bricks. However, these subsequently became challenging and high-quality to acquire hold of. I discovered a caterer of standard size ceramic insulation bricks in Bristol and the male did me a an excellent deal with all the bricks and high temperature adhesive comes to under £100 cash - cheap !

(All the bricks, fire blanket and also adhesive acquired from Paul at complete Fire defense (CFP) Bristol)

Video of early stage look at enclosure and temperature controller :

After acquiring my hands on the ceramic fire insulation brick and also ceramic fire blanket I collection about lining the lower fifty percent of the box. So package is at first lines with the blanket and also then consequently lined through the brick.

In order come make as much space as possible I cut the bricks under from the stock depth of 75mm to 50mm. The bricks have the right to be cut using a typical hand saw. Perform this exterior as they create a huge amount the dust if cutting and I am certain you don\"t desire to be breathing the dust. Ns made a an easy wooden jig (see video) to gain all the brick a consistent depth.

The bricks and also blanket space all secured in place using a high temperature adhesive.

Video of lines enclosure :

This section again attributes a video clip showing the completed manage box that will certainly drive the heater element.

Essentially the control box is composed of the Altec temperature controller thrust with a K-type thermocouple. The Altec climate drives a 40A hard state relay which switches power to the heating element.

I have not included too countless words here because I think the video covers points :


One that the most daunting aspects of building the kiln was building and construction of the lid section. I decided early top top I want the heating facet in the lid as this apparently would create the ideal finish for the glass.

I chose to make the lid insulation from range of the same ceramic fire brick offered to line the reduced enclosure. In order to hold everything together I saw a regional metal supplier and also got lock to do me four edge brackets plus to long and also two quick straight sections and likewise cut a thin avoid plate. The brackets and straight section were all cut from 2mm gentle steel and also the top plate from 1mm soft steel. The corner brackets and also straight sections i drilled and also screwed together about the brick secured v self thread cut screws. The result lid is very sturdy if not a small on the hefty side. I likewise fitted a handle to the front i m sorry luckily came attached to the original enclosure derived from work.

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Ok, so now I had a fire brick lid all held in addition to mild steel and also a take care of - what I necessary now to be a heater. Having looked in ~ commercial kilns I determined I needed a heater capable of delivering around 2.5KW of heat. Quite a couple of of kilns I had actually looked at supplied an cheap heating element which is basically a coil that resistive cable which is rated in ~ a give power at a given voltage. The element I initially chose was rated in ~ 2.5KW at 220V AC (see the picture attached).

I notified the heater indigenous China and it was include TipAsk QuestionCommentDownload


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