Custom belt buckles room flexible and convenient because they deserve to be gotten rid of from one belt and attached to another. This works of course if you have actually the ideal belt.

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Custom belt buckles room flexible and convenient due to the fact that they have the right to be eliminated from one belt and also attached come another. This works of food if you have actually the ideal belt.Higher finish leather belts are designed with breaks that deserve to be unsnapped and also re-snapped do it straightforward to remove and also replace practice belt buckles.This could seem a little odd to part that a human would want to switch out their belt buckle in the same manner as a person switches the end their earrings, but it’s true. Tradition belt buckles are simply as much a fashion statement as earrings. They are a perfect accessory to be accessorized. Not all occasions or occasions call for the 4-inch belt buckle yet when the moment arises you desire to be able to make the switch.So, if you space a custom belt buckle wearer, and also looking because that a new belt that is vital to check the design of the belt v one concern in mind; “Can I replace the belt buckle?”There room two varieties of belts, one that has actually snaps, and also one that has actually rivets. A snap belt enables you to open the snaps and remove the belt buckle. A rivet belt is permanent, meaning you cannot release the rivets to eliminate the belt buckle.

How can I tell if the belt has snaps or rivets?

You deserve to usually call visually what type of connection is on the belt, however I recommend you always check closely. Here are a couple of tips to aid you recognize what kind of belt you may be handle with.Test the snapThe ultimate test of a belt with breaks is to open the snap. If it opens and also closes you have a good belt, if it doesn’t then keep looking. A indigenous of caution. If the belt looks prefer it has actually snaps however you room unable to unsnap lock on your very first attempt don’t provide up. Regularly belt snaps are really tight initially. The an ext the snap is released the much easier it will be to open and close. It is in persistent, however of course don’t damages the belt.Visually check the snap or rivet.As a general rule, breaks are larger and also bulkier than rivets. A rivet may be around 5mm in diameter contrasted to a snap that might be 10mm in diameter. Also, rivets will be much flatter than a snap that will poke up a little more from the surface of the belt.Check the high quality of the belt.Lower quality and also lower priced belts will rarely have snaps. Breaks are more labor intensive and an ext expensive for this reason it just makes feeling they would only be placed on greater quality an ext expensive belts. If the belt is made of plastic, or nylon, or imitation animal leather these room all ingredients for cheap and less expensive. The top quality of the product would never host up to a snap being opened and closed repeatedly, the would eventually rip the belt in ~ the snap.Snaps are usually only put on actual leather belts together leather is an extremely durable and also can hold up come the tug and pull the opening and closing the snaps.Check the dimension of the belt.This is not an noticeable indicator however is precious mentioning. Belts less than 1.25 inch are generally too tiny to hold 2 snaps side by side and therefore rarely have actually snaps. Also if the belt is a great quality animal leather belt, it"s simply too small, and also probably couldn’t assistance a tradition belt buckle anyway. So, together you scan the rack of belts, look for wider belts that are 1.5 to 2 inches large and most most likely you will uncover a high quality leather belt that has actually snaps.Check the tag.Not every belts that are offered in sleeve stores have actually tags v descriptions. Girlfriend will most likely be happy to uncover the size of the belt top top the separation, personal, instance tag. But often the words “genuine leather” is stamped what on the back of the belt denote quality, and probably rivets. Additionally check any kind of signage top top the belt display screen that may suggest replaceable belt buckles. And also then the full proof test is detect a belt that doesn’t currently have a tradition belt buckle attached. No buckle attached way one thing, girlfriend can add one.

How to change a custom belt buckle

We’ve talked a lot about opening and also closing the snap, for this reason you room halfway to instead of the tradition belt buckle. Yet here space the steps.Lay the belt face down ~ above a solid surface with the ago side that the belt face up. The buckle will additionally be confront down.Locate the snaps on the belt, grab the overfill belt top top the right of the breaks firmly v your fingers and also pull hard until the snaps release.Slip off the custom belt buckle by sliding it along the belt to remove.Take your brand-new custom belt buckle challenge down and also the knob the the practice belt buckle to the left and also the loop that the belt buckle to the right.Slip the finish of the belt through the loop the the custom belt buckle and fold end the end and re-snap the belt.Because nothing you carry out is permanent as soon as replacing a practice belt buckle, if by possibility the buckle ends up upside down once you placed it on, just redo the procedure and switch the direction.What is a common size because that a tradition belt buckle?Custom belt buckles variety in dimension from as little as 1.5 inch to 5.5 inches. The most common size would be 3-4 inches. This is a an excellent size buckle yet not overbearing. If friend live in Texas, climate 4-5 inches may be your dimension as whatever is bigger in Texas.Because custom belt buckles are frequently bigger than formal or classic belt buckles, they typically work finest on belts that room 1.5 come 2 customs wide.The only thing come remember once buying a practice belt buckle is to know the width of the loop ~ above the ago of the belt buckle and also the width of the belt. These two things have to fit with each other so you can not buy a belt broader than the loop top top the back of the belt buckle.

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