I keep seeing topic after topic of Manual Load Ordering not being a part of Vortex.

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I have been using Vortex for a couple days now and I have to tell you that Manual Load Ordering is there. It"s just handled differently.


In Vortex to Manually change your load order;

grab the dependencies icon of the esp you want to move up or down, drag it to the esp you want to load it after. Release the icon.

a window will pop up giving you the rule you want to apply to the esp you moved.

You can either confirm it or cancel it and start over. If you confirm it, the rule will be applied and no matter how many times you run LOOT, that esp will not change positions.

If you want to remove that rule from the esp, it is a two click process, click the dependencies icon, click the (-) sign for the rule that was applied.


The nice thing is, you can set rules that wont change when running LOOT, but also, you can set global values for any esp to load higher or lower in the list.

These two forms of load ordering stack, giving you more control over plugins than you had with NMM.


Global values that are higher load lower in the load order (100) loads after (0), (-100) would load high in the load order.


Vortex is fast and easy once you get through the learning curve.


The one thing not YET available in Vortex is individual file conflict resolutions, meaning you  can not cherry pick the files from one mod to over ride the files of another mod. 

I did read where Tannin stated that was on the ToDo list.

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Guys: Learning Damn Curve. That"s all...


Really, it"s a piece of cake when you get used to it and, in less than 3 days (a couple of hours a day), I"ve:

-Totally reinstalled 250 Mods from 0

-Lerned the EXACT conflict with the EXACT files involved (and found one that I"ve missed so far)

-Defined a Ruleset that, no matter how much mods I throw into the bucket randomly, it remains good

-In case there"s some extra problem Vortex tell me what kind of problem is and which files are involved

-Update things with a few click and 30 seconds in total of wait


And I"m a random moron!


Now I"m testing the game modded and, so far, I had no problem.


The point is that most of us (after facing/solving huge mess, debugs, load orders, full uninstall/reinstall) are afraid to throw ourself into another maybe/possible/potential/IDontKnowBut mess-solving-nightmare (other are just lazy to learn a new "moveset", sorry Guys, I"m just being honest, no offence).



Seriously: give it a try with clear mind and the will to learn and in half-hours you"ll know almost everything you need to...

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EDIT: Yes, a couple of extra Info button would be nice, because they"re never enough, and there"s room for other improvement.. but... com"on that"s logical... It"s why there"s an alpha and a beta test....