Duplicating elements of your design work is one of the most typical functions you’ll most likely need once using a design app such together Procreate because that the iPad. In this tutorial we’ll be walk over every one of the means you deserve to duplicate in Procreate, consisting of layers, objects, and selections.

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In short, the means that you can duplicate most objects in Procreate is by opened the Layers menu, sliding the layer you want to duplicate to the left, and also selecting the Duplicate button. This works for layers and text objects. However, if you desire to duplicate individual facets of a layer, and not the whole layer, you’ll have to use the Selection Tool to create a an option around your object and also then usage the copy & dough function.Let’s dig in!

How come Duplicate In Procreate

The following video clip tutorial will walk you through the entire process of duplicating layers, objects, and also localized selections in Procreate:
Continue on for the written instructions.

Table of Contents

How to Duplicate LayersStep 1: open up the class menuStep 2: slide the class you’d favor to duplicate to the leftStep 3: select the “Duplicate” alternative from the menuHow to Duplicate SelectionsStep 1: grab a choice Tool of her choiceStep 2: produce a choice around her subjectStep 3: Copy & paste the selection

How come Duplicate Layers

To duplicate in Procreate, open up the Layers menu and use your finger to on slide the layer you’d like copied to the left. Then, pick the “Duplicate” alternative from the menu. This will create a duplicate copy of her selected layer.
In this an initial part the the lesson fine be walking over how to duplicate in Procreate at the most basic level — layers. This contains text objects as well, since they exist on their very own layers.Step 1: open up the class menuTo duplicate a great in Procreate, open up your Layers menu, located in the top-right edge of your screen:
Open the Layers Menu, located in the top-right edge of the screen.Make sure you have actually the great selected the you’d choose to duplicate. The layer will certainly be emphasize in blue once selected.Step 2: slide the class you’d like to duplicate come the leftWith her layer selected, use your finger/pencil to on slide the layer you’d like replicated to the left.This will certainly revel a handful of operations that you deserve to perform top top this specific layer:
Sliding her layer come the left will disclose the Duplicate button.One that those alternatives is the Duplicate button.Step 3: select the “Duplicate” alternative from the menuAll you need to do come duplicate her layer is merely tap the Duplicate button. This will produce a copy that the selected layer:
A duplicate layer will certainly be added to the optimal of the class order.The duplicate copy that the layer will certainly be positioned over the original and will be provided the exact same name together well. That is essentially an exact copy.And that is exactly how you can easily duplicate in Procreate! once again, this uses to layers and text items. If you’d prefer to duplicate a details area of your layer, together opposed come the whole layer, then continue on come the second part of the lesson.

How to Duplicate Selections

To duplicate an object in Procreate, grab the Selections Tool and create a an option around the area you’d like to duplicate. Then, open the Actions menu and also select Copy, and also then pick Paste. Your choice will climate be copied to a brand-new layer.
Now that we’ve gone over exactly how to duplicate layers in Procreate, let’s have a look in ~ duplicating isolated portions of a layer.Step 1: take a selection Tool of her choiceFirst, make sure that you have actually the suitable layer activated for the thing you’d like to duplicate. This process will not work-related otherwise.Open the Selections menu:
Open the Selections Menu, choose the Add options, then choose your preferred an option method.Within the Selections menu you will watch a selection of choices towards the bottom of the screen. Make sure you have Add enabled, and then choose a selection an approach of your preference. The selection methods space as follows:Automatic: provides an algorithm to produce an automated choice around an area the you swipe over with your fingerFreehand: enables you to manually attract a an option around her objectRectangle: create a square/rectangular an option around her object by swiping through your fingerEllipse: create a round/circular/ellipse selection around her object through swiping with your fingerFor this show I will certainly be utilizing the Freehand choice to manually draw a selection around among the bananas in my instance photo.Step 2: develop a selection around her subjectWith her chosen an option method, walk ahead and create a selection around your object:
For this demonstration ns have produced a freehand selection around the subject.You will recognize the an option is finish when you watch a dotted heat going approximately it, as is the case in my screenshot above.Step 3: Copy & dough the selectionAll you need to do currently to duplicate that an option is open up the Actions menu by tapping on the wrench symbol in the top-left edge of the screen and selecting the Add menu:
Use the Actions food selection to accessibility the copy and also paste functions.Within the Add menu, insanity on Copy to copy the selection, then tap Paste to paste the selection.Your object will then be duplicated to that is own specialized layer:
The duplicated selection will it is in pasted together its own brand-new layer.And that’s how you have the right to duplicate in Procreate as soon as working v objects and also localized selections fairly than layers.


Knowing how to duplicate in Procreate is just a matter executed a couple of taps. The trickiest part is knowing exactly how to access the duplicate choice in the great menu, which is somewhat hidden. Sliding the layer to the left no necessarily one intuitive action, so new users do tend to gain tripped increase here.If girlfriend have any kind of questions or need clarification on any kind of of the procedures taken in this lesson, simply leave a comment below.

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