The Ender Dragon is a flying ceo mob - or mobile lifeform - that the hit video game, Minecraft.

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The Ender Dragon to be the game"s very first boss crowd - long lasting hostile personalities designed for long battles.

The Ender Dragon spawns, or is spontaneously generated, as soon as a player start The End, a dark, space-like atmosphere within the game.

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The dragon deserve to shoot fireballs and breathe an acid breath.

If a player defeat the Ender Dragon, the drops thousands of suffer points and a dragon egg.

Additional Ender Dragons have the right to be spawned through placing finish crystals on peak of the exit portal.

Would you favor to attract an Ender Dragon? This easy, step-by-step Minecraft illustration tutorial is below to display you how.

All friend will need is a pencil, one eraser, and also a sheet of paper. Friend may likewise wish to shade your perfect drawing.

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Step-by-Step indict for illustration Ender Dragon native Minecraft

Ender Dragon indigenous Minecraft drawing - step 1

1. Begin by illustration Ender Dragon"s head. Attract an oval to kind the upper section of the snout. Extend two right lines in ~ it and connect them through a curved line. Then, draw a bent line inside this lower jaw. Use a collection of overlapping bent lines to form the rest of the head through its horn choose protrusions.

Ender Dragon from Minecraft drawing - step 2

2. Kind the neck by illustration two long curved lines from the head and connecting them v a curved line. Just beyond the neck, enclose a rounded square. Then, use curved currently to overview the facets of a rounded cube, connecting the torso to the neck.

Ender Dragon indigenous Minecraft drawing - step 3

3. Attract the abdomen by extending a pair of curved lines indigenous the torso. Complete the abdomen using two curved lines. Beneath this, draw a bent rectangle to kind the first of the behind legs. Draw one more rounded rectangle at its basic to type the foot. Attract a curved line across it in a comparable manner come the jaw.

Ender Dragon indigenous Minecraft drawing - step 4

4. Use a lengthy curved line, doubled back upon itself, to enclose the forearms. Erase overview lines as necessary. Information the much arm v a lengthy curved line and a short line in ~ the elbow. Because that the close to arm, enclose curved shapes at the top and also extremity, then draw a main curved line.

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Ender Dragon from Minecraft illustration - action 5
5. Draw the wings, erasing guidelines together necessary. Because that each wing, start with 2 long, narrow rectangle-shaped shapes positioned at an edge to one another. Then, usage a series of connected curved lines to fill out the soup membrane. Finally, draw curved lines indigenous the crook the the upper wing to each of the point out in the wing membrane.

Ender Dragon indigenous Minecraft illustration - action 6

6. Enclose a bent rectangle at the end of each forearm to kind the hands or paws. Use brief lines to distinguish the fingers.

Ender Dragon native Minecraft illustration - action 7

7. Detail the foot, leg, and torso utilizing curved lines. Draw the section of the staying rear leg that have the right to be viewed behind the forearms.

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Ender Dragon indigenous Minecraft drawing - step 8
8. Draw the Ender Dragon"s tail. Use two long, bent lines that finish in a small rounded rectangle. Information the curvature that the tail using lengthy curved lines. Attract rectangular cubes follow me the peak of the tail to stand for spikes.

Ender Dragon native Minecraft illustration - step 9

9. Attract rounded rectangles to type the spikes of the neck and also back. Contour the neck, head, and snout through curved lines. Enclose directly curved shapes to form the eyes, and circles for the nostrils.

Complete Ender Dragon from Minecraft illustration

Color her Ender Dragon. This dragons are frequently black in color with grey wing veins and purple eyes.

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Scroll down for a can be downloaded PDF of this tutorial.

The complete Ender Dragon from Minecraft drawing Tutorial in One Image

How to draw: Ender Dragon indigenous Minecraft - all illustration steps

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l yes, really enjoyed illustration the ender dragon from Minecraft and l really like the action by action it really assisted me to draw the ender dragon that lives in the end

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