Once the Ascension Theory research is completed the Ambitions Edicts become available. The Will to Power Edict is one of those and it gives 5 additional Influence points per month for 12months.You can have up to 3 Rivals that will give you a total of 1.5 Influence income per month. You must have either Terrible or Tense relations with them and their power, when compared to yours, cannot be Overwhelming or Pathetic. Declaring a Rivalry is considered a Diplomatic Action.Becoming the President of a Federation can give you additional Influence, depending on the type of Federation it is. For a Galactic Union and Trade League the Federation President gains 1 Influence per month at for a Federation level of 3. For a Hegemony Federation the President gains 1 Influence point per month at level 4 for the Federation. A Martial Alliance Federation does not provide any monthly Influence but it does reduce Claims Influence cost by 10% at level 2. The Research Cooperative Federation doesn’t provide any Influence perks.

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Uplifting a Species gives a onetime bonus of 500 Influence.Establishing Communications with another civilization will give a lump sum of 40 Influence if you’re first to communicate.Enclaves (Spaceborne Aliens) are neutral empires that do not own planets. You can become a patron of the Curators which allows you to exchange 500 Energy or Minerals for 50 Influence.If you manage to Humiliate a Rival you gain 100 Influence.Anomalies have the possibility of giving you between 50 to 200 Influence.The National Purity Ruler Agenda gives a 10% increase in Influence.

Influence Uses

One of the biggest uses of Influence early in the game is building Outposts to expand your empire with. An Outpost is how you lay claim to a new system and it costs 75 Influence for every hyperlane away from your borders. For example, a system next to your borders costs 75 Influence but a system that is 2 hyperlanes away costs 150, but there are ways to reduce the cost.The Determined Exterminator Civic pays 30% less for outposts but this Civic can never be changed. The Terravore Civic and The Devouring Swarm Civic both reduce Outpost costs by 50% and these can never be changed as well. The difference in requirements for these is that you cannot be a Lithoid to take advantage of the Devouring Swarm Civic and only a Lithoid can use the Terravore Civic.
Federations is another way to use Influence and falls into the category of Diplomatic Actions. Inviting someone to a Federation, Forming a Federation, and asking to join a Federation all cost 2 Influence points unless the Diplomacy Tradition has been adopted, which in that case they only cost 1 Influence point.Read More: Learn more about Stellaris Federations at this page on my website.You can Guarantee Independence for someone at the cost that .5 Influence per month. What this means is that if the empire is attacked you will come to its defense. You can Guarantee Independence for up to 3 empires.Non-Aggression Pacts, Research Agreements, Commercial Pacts and Migration Treaties will each cost you .25 per month for each type. It takes a minimum of positive relations to enter into one of these agreements. One way to get an agreement is to offer one through the Contacts screen. If your relations need improving send an envoy. You can also do a quick scan at the Contact screen to see how many of each type of agreement you have and with whom.A Defensive Pact will cost you 1 Influence point per month. You need to have Excellent relations with another empire before you can propose one.Many Edicts cost influence to implement that have many useful benefits. There are 32 Edicts that require Influence to activate them. The most expensive one is Greater than Ourselves and costs 240 Influence. This Edict gives unemployed workers and drones an incentive to look for jobs and housing at other planets in your empire. The Edict stays in effect until cancelled.There are two edicts with the lowest cost of 40 Influence. These are both Sacrifice Edicts, one is Sacrifice: Togetherness which kills all Mortal Initiates, each pop killed increases the chances of making gains in Unity, up to 35%. It also boosts monthly Unity by 10% and Pop Growth speed is increased by 5%. Sacrifice: Harmony also kills all Mortal Initiates but for each sacrifice it increases the chances of gaining pop happiness, up to 50%. It gives a boost of 10% happiness and pop growth speed of 5%. Both Edicts last 6 years and 3 months.Below is a list of all edicts costing Influence, sorted in ascending order by cost. This list does not include Edicts that are activated by using other resources.CostEdictBenefits40Sacrifice: TogethernessIncreases in Unity and pop growth speed. An event is triggered, “A Sacrifice Made: Human Togetherness”40Sacrifice: HarmonyIncreases happiness and pop growth speed. An event is triggered, “A Sacrifice Made: Human Harmony”80Evacuation ProtocolsGives a boost to colony development and reduces resettlement costs80Fortify the BordersLets you upgrade starbases faster and lets you support more starbases80Fleet SupremacyHigher ship starting experience and build speed80Diplomatic GrantsOne additional Envoy80Veneration of the SaintsPriest’s output increased and Spiritual Ethics Attraction is increased80Peace festivalsHappiness is increased and there is a greater attraction for the Pacifist ethic80Encourage Political ThoughtThere is a 100% chance that your ethics will shift80Master’s Teachings: The Greater GoodBuilding and district cost are reduced, planetary build speed is increase80Master’s Teachings: Diplomatic TrustThe growth of trust in your empire is increased80Master’s Teaching: Philosophical MindsetSociety research speed and leader pool size are both increased80Master’s Teachings: Warring StatesNaval capacity is increased and army upkeep costs are decreased80Sacrifice: BountyEnergy output, mineral output, pop growth speed are increased. An event is triggered, “A Sacrifice made: Bounty for the” plus the player empire’s name160Nutritional PlenitudePop growth speed, Biological and Lithoid happiness are increased at the expense of more empire sprawl and pop and food upkeep increases160Expanded Breeding ProgramPop growth speed and pop happiness in increases160Extended ShiftsResource output from workers and slaves increased160Drone OverdriveDrone output increased160Capacity SubsidiesIncreases Technician’s output160Mining SubsidiesIncreases Miners output160Farming SubsidiesIncreases Farmer’s output160Industrial SubsidiesIncreases Artisan’s output160Forge SubsidiesIncreases Metallurgist’s output160Research SubsidiesIncreases Researcher’s output160Information QuarantineEmpire stability is increased, and the governing ethic’s attraction is increased160Map the StarsSurvey speed is increased plus there is a better chance of finding anomalies160Land of OpportunityImmigration pull and pop growth from immigration are both increased160Improved Working EnvironmentResearch speed in Statecraft and Biology technology is increased. Happiness is also increased160Improved Working EnvironmentConsumer goods upkeep is reduced, and Industrial and Materials research speed is increased160Extensive Sensor SearchesSensor range and ship hyperlane detection range is increased160Numistic VisualizationConsumer goods upkeep is reduced and research speed for Statecraft technology and monthly energy credit income is increased.240Greater Than OurselvesEncourages resettlement for those who are unemployed
To see a full description of all Edicts visit this Stellaris Wiki page (this will take open a new site in a separate window).When you are reforming a government you are actually changing Civics, which costs 250 Influence. A government can only be reformed once every 20 years.Not only can Factions give you a gain in Influence, they can also cost you Influence. Faction Suppression costs 1 Influence per month and promoting a faction costs 2 per month. Embracing a Faction is a decision that will cost you 500 Influence points.Influence is used when making Claims on other empire’s star systems and the claimed systems can be used as wargoals in the event of a war. The base cost for a claim is 50 Influence, which is anything within one hyperlane of your borders. Claim cost increases for each hyperlane the target is located away from your border, plus the cost increases by 25 if the system has a starbase or colony. If it has both then claim cost is increased by 50.
Most Planetary Decisions cost influence and can cost other resources as well.Decisions costing 25 InfluenceLaunch Anti-Crime CampaignNegotiate with Crime LordsExpel Excess PopulationDeclare Population ControlsDiscourage Planetary GrowthCease Robot ProductionPlanetary Prospecting. Also costs 500 energy and takes 180 days to completeProject Corucopia, also uses 500 energy. Takes 180 days to completeDecisions costing 50 InfluenceDeclare Martial LawDeploy Hunter-Killer DronesActivate Compliance ProtocolsImplement Divine Algorithm, takes 360 days to finishConsecrate WorldDecisions costing 100 Influence, some have additional costsMastery of Nature, also costs 2,000 energy. Takes 360 days to complete.Create Penal ColonyCreate Resort WorldCreate Thrall WorldDecisions costing 200 InfluenceRestore Ecumenopolis additionally costs 20,000 minerals. Takes 3,600 days to completeArcology Project, also costs 20,000 minerals. Takes 3,600 days to complete.Galactic Market Hub Nomination costs 150 Influence and 1,000 energyBoost Nomination Bid costs 300 Influence plus 2,000 energy. It is used to increase the likelihood the planet will be chosen as the future home of the Galactic Market.Establishing a Branch Office (Megacorp) costs 50 Influence and 1,000 energy. The Universal Transactions Ascension perk reduces that cost by 15%. It also makes Commercial Pacts free (no influence).Influence can be used to sway elections. Supporting a Candidate during democratic elections will cost you 50 Influence each time support is added. Oligraphic governments, on the other hand, can use 200 influence to elect a Ruler instantly. Oligraphic and Corporate governments can also hold emergency elections at a cost of 250 Influence.Influence is used to construct Megastructures. Gateways cost 100 Influence and Habitats cost 150 Influence for the initial build. Although the rest of the Megastructures doesn’t require any Influence building the Megastructure Site does cost 300 Influence.

Things That Cost Influence In Stellaris

If the majority of members in a Hegemony Federation can’t agree on where to build their monument the Federation President loses 50 Influence.If the majority of members in a Martial Alliance Federation can’t agree on a Fleet-wide exercise the President will lose 50 Influence.If you lose a war and are humiliated your Influence gain is reduced by 33% for 10 years. Even worse, you lose any Influence already have.

Relics Costing Influence to Activate

The Relics in the table below all cost 150 Influence to activate, the Cybrex War Forge also costs 10,000 Minerals in addition to Influence. This is not an all-inclusive list, Relics that are activated with other resources are not included in this table.NamePermanent Effect for Owning ItActivation EffectActivation Duration (Months)The Last BaolPop growth speed is increased by 10%.Nu-Baol Life-Seeding decision becomes available.PermanentEther Drake TrophyMonthly Unity boost of 10%.Happiness increases by 10%.120Khan’s ThroneClaim Influence cost reduced by 10%.Ship weapons damage increased by 20%, Militarist Ethics Attraction increased by 25%.120Scales of the WormPhysics Research Speed increased by 10%.All research speeds are increased by 20% with a -5 applied to empire stability.120The RubricatorSociety Research increased by 20Creates 30 Minor Artifacts.Artifacts are permanent for each activation.Miniature GalaxyResearch Speed increased by 5%, you gain 50% progress in a random technology.You gain 50% progress in a random technology.Gain is permanent.The OmnicadexGives 1 additional Gene Modification point.Pops are created from an extinct species on one of your planets.Pops are permanent.The GalatronDiplomatic weight is doubled, 3 additional Influence points per monthThe relic also generates random resources.Resources are permanent.Blade of the HuntressArmy Morale increased by 25%, Planet Sensor Range increased by 2.Sublight speed increased by 25%.120Head of ZarqianSpiritualist Ethics Attraction increased by 40%.A small Fallen Empire Fleet is placed at your disposal. You gain a fleet each time this relic is activated.Fleet is permanent.Extradimensional WarlockSublight speed increased by 15%.Jump Drive Range doubled.120Isolated Contingency CorePop assembly speed is doubled.Megastructure build speed is increased by 300%.120Psionic ArchiveBreach into the Shroud Cooldown time is reduced by 50%.You can contact Ja’Baxil for guidance.PermanentThe DefragmentorRobot upkeep reduced by 10%.20% increase in monthly energy credits and 10% increase in Engineering Research speed.120Vullaum Reality PerforatorPops use 10% less AmenitiesYou can perforate reality to gain temporary combat advantages.12Javorian Pox SampleLeader Lifespan increased by 20 yearsYou gain the Pox Orbital Bombardment stance.Permanent.Yuht Cryo CoreColonies start with 1 additional pop.Ship upkeep is reduced by 20%120Cybrex War ForgeAllows you to build Cybrex Warform at your Capital, monthly alloy production is increased by 10%.Produces 5,000 alloys each time activated.Alloys are permanent.
For a complete list of Relics go to this Wiki page (this will take to the Wiki site in a new browser window).The Minor Artifact Proclaim Superiority gives between 40 to 100 Influence when discovered.

How to Reduce Influence Costs In Stellaris

The Nationalistic Zeal Civic will reduce Influence costs by 10%.The Devouring Swarms Civic reduces Starbase costs by 50%.The Civic of Cutthroat Politics will grant a 20% reduction in Edict costs.The Shadow Council civic reduces the cost of swaying elections by 75%.The Colossus Project gives you access to a special project which, when finished, allows construction of the Colossus ship. You can then declare a Total War without spending any influence.The Galactic Campaigns Technology reduces influence costs by 10%.The Interstellar Campaigns Technology reduces influence costs by 10%,The Militarist Ethic reduces the cost for Claims by 10%.The Fanatic Militarist Ethic reduces the cost for Claims by 20%.The Xenophobe Ethic reduces Starbase costs by 20%.The Fanatic Xenophobe Ethic reduces Starbase costs by 40%.The Spiritualist Ethic gives a 5% reduction in Edict cost, the Fanatic version of this ethic provides a 10% reduction.

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Read More: Don’t like your Empire’s ethics? Learn about changing them here.The Expansion Tradition, Reach for the Stars, reduces Starbase Influence costs by 10%. In the same Tradition tree Galactic Ambition reduces Starbase upkeep by 20%. If you complete all 5 perks in the Domination Tradition tree you gain 1 in Monthly Influence and by simply adopting the Diplomacy Tradition you get a reduction of 50% for Diplomatic Influence costs.If your Leader has the Expansionist Trait it reduces Starbase Influence cost by 15%. If your Leader is in the Ruler Class Edict duration is increased by 5% per level, effectively making Influence more effective and thus less expensive to use.Agendas can reduce Influence costs. The Expansionist Overtures Agenda reduces Claims costs by 10%.Ascension Perks can be taken that reduce Influence costs. The Shared Destiny Ascension Perk reduces the Subject Integration cost by 50%. Another Ascension Perk, Interstellar Domination, reduces both Starbase and Claim Influence cost by 20%.The Interstellar Dominion Ascension perk reduces the cost of Claims by 20%. Declaring an empire a Rival will reduce claims on his sectors by 20% as well. During an offensive war claim costs are doubled.Although not a direct reduction is Influence costs, the Proclamation Technology extends Edict duration by 10%, effectively making the use of Influence more efficient and less expensive for Edicts with a set time limit.