ACT scoring doesn"t have to be a mystery.Learn just how the answer you get right ~ above the ACT interpret to your all at once score. We"ll define the act grading scale and also show friend a sample action score chart.

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Is the ACT scored on a curve?


On each ar of the plot , the variety of correct answers converts to a scaled score that 1–36. Act works tough to change the grading scale of every test at each management as necessary to do all scaled scores comparable, smoothing out any type of differences in level of an obstacle across test dates.

There is no fact to any kind of one act test date gift “easier” than the others, however you deserve to expect to see slight sport in the range from check to test.

Calculate her ACT Score

ACT raw Score vs range Score

Here’s just how ACT scoring works. You’re given a suggest for every question you get right (there’s no punish or point deduction for wrong answers). The total variety of questions you obtain right on each test (English, Math, Reading, and also Science) equates to your raw score . Her raw score because that each test is climate converted right into a scale score (1–36).

Composite Score

Your composite score, or overall ACT score, is the median of her scores on each test. Add up her English, Math, Reading, and also Science scores and divide through 4. (Round to the nearest totality number). Learn an ext about what your ACT scores average .

Sample plot Scoring Chart

This is a sample ACT life score conversion grid native the cost-free test act makes accessible on the website. Keep in mind, the act score chart because that each test administration is different, therefore this one have to be supplied only as an example.

Scale ScoreEnglish raw ScoreMath life ScoreReading raw ScoreScience life Score363534333231302928272625242322212019181716151413121110

How is theACT composing Test scored?

The writing test score is a little an ext complicated. If you take the plot Plus composing (which will certainly ask girlfriend to create an essay), your writing will certainly be evaluate by 2 readers. Both reader score her essay on a scale of 1–6 in 4 different locations (learn much more about the plot essay here ). The action essay score will appear on her score report on a scale from 2-12. ACT likewise reports an English Language arts (ELA) score the end of 36, which represents your in its entirety performance top top the English, reading, and writing tests, however this worth is NOT consisted of in her ACT Composite Score calculation. No ELA score is reported if you execute not select to take it the ACT v Essay.

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