If you’ve spent a when on TikTok, you could have noticed the the small crown icon that supplied to it is in on some users’ profiles has now disappeared.

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That’s due to the fact that these crowns have actually been replaced with verified checkmarks, choose Twitter. TikTok’s crowns were simply relics native the days of Musical.ly and also have because been done away with.

If you’re an avid tik user and also creator, you might be wondering how to obtain one the these proved checkmarks yourself. If so, we’ve acquired you covered.

Let’s take it a look at at exactly how to gain a verified checkmark ~ above Twitter.

Where did the Crown Go?

Months after acquiring rival platform Musical.ly, TikTok finally replaced the crown through a brand-new verified checkmark.

If tiktok is the very first social network you’ve joined—and considering the app’s younger demographics, that’s completely possible—the crown may have actually left friend confused, leaving you without an expertise of why it’s on some profiles and also not others.


What replaced Crowns?

Instead of crowns, you’ll now uncover two different versions of verification on TikTok. The very first is more than likely out of reach for you: showed user. This is the conventional checkmark that we’ve viewed on many other society networks, and also it’s mainly reserved for celebrities come ensure castle aren’t gift impersonated. You’ll find this brand on part accounts, but for the most famed users ~ above TikTok, you’ll uncover something new entirely.

Instead of offering all account a proved badge, tiktok has started giving famous users the once had crowns badges that review “Popular User.” This puts these users in a class over that of the conventional TikTok-er, while likewise making that clear the the person isn’t a celebrity in the more comprehensive sense of the world.

In this case, TikTok continues to carry out something different than a organization like Twitter, where showed users range from celebrities to journalists to whatever in between. Tiktok doesn’t necessarily lower the conventional of gift an authenticated user; that just method that there’s now a difference between celebrities and also influencers ~ above the platform.

How carry out I get Verified in TikTok?

Unlike various other platforms, friend can’t use for the confirmed badge. When Tiktok staffers notice your account and ensure that it meets the verification requirements, you’ll automatically receive the badge. Typically, confirmed users autumn into one of three categories:

The user is immensely renowned on the site, serving together a content creator that renders a huge mark top top TikTok’s platform in one way or another.The user is who of note, consisting of actual pop stars and musicians that happen to it is in on the platform.They have actually been chosen by the staff and also support team at tik as who who requires verification or together someone that has displayed their dedication to producing content of note on the site.

What do we mean by this?

Simple: customers on tiktok are always looking for brand-new content to follow. Many thanks to the average size of a TikTok video clip being pretty short, it’s no surprised that users are always hungry for more content.

So what walk that average from you?

If you’re ready to find out the basics and advanced steps of producing a TikTok video clip that shines amongst the rest, and you perform this repeatedly for a long sufficient period, you’re bound come start obtaining noticed.

Of course, there’s constantly a means to rate up obtaining noticed, and also for that, us jump to action two.

Follow individuals to gain much more followers

We have actually an article easily accessible here for you to check out on how to gain an ext fans in TikTok, however the quick version is this: as soon as you have content that is not just respectable but likewise showcases her talents in the best way possible, you have the right to use the app’s follow feature to gain noticed by brand-new users.

We indicate making ten an effective TikTok clips. Do them your finest work possible, and also don’t be fear to try something new or go external the box.

Once you’ve excellent that, you deserve to start making use of the app’s headlining page to find brand-new users. Refresh her feed and start feather for brand-new clips post from famous, and also possibly already-crowned tiktok users. Then, look with the comments on those videos to discover accounts of human being who gain the content posted by that user.

When you’ve found a comment post recently, click the account to include that profile to your followed list. As soon as the user receive a notification that you’ve followed them, many will be inclined to inspect out your page, and since you have actually several an excellent TikTok clips already posted on your account, you’re likely to acquire a follow back.


Not everyone is walking to follow you back. The primary crucial here is not to obtain discouraged, and to stick with it the ideal you can. TikTok users are often hungry for brand-new content and brand-new creators. If her clips are an excellent and you save using this strategy come gain new followers, you’ll start receiving a adhering to in no time.

Use the appropriate gear—and the best songs

If you’re having difficulties attracting a team of followers, make certain your tik videos are the finest they deserve to be.

Start by discovering where you’re filming. Look around your surroundings and ensure that you have a beautiful backdrop, it is in it external or in your house. If you’re filming in her room, make certain to tidy things up. No one desires to clock a video clip that takes location within a confusing bedroom.

If you don’t have someone around to organize your phone, that’s okay. Instead, you might want to inspect out among the many smartphone tripods easily accessible on Amazon. Most of them are universal and also cost simply $10 to $15 to purchase for her smartphone, favor this one appropriate here.

Likewise, you desire to make sure you’re making use of the correct songs in her videos. If you browse v the main feed inside of TikTok, you’ll probably notice a lot of repeats of songs and also clips. Don’t be fear to use those very same audio clips in her videos; by using popular media, you put yourself one action forward ~ above the way to accomplishing your goal.

Additionally, you have the right to look through the search menu and browse the Billboard hot 100 to uncover songs that are currently popular.

I discovered a Site says They Can obtain Me verified — can They?

The short answer is no.

There’s no website on the internet today that can gift you confirmation on TikTok, regardless of several sites noted on Google’s search results that to speak otherwise. The reality is that, favor verification on Twitter or Instagram, just TikTok staff and support teams can grant a crown to a file they deem worthy or important to protect against fake listings.

Moreover, this websites are regularly phishing schemes designed to get you come hand over her login information. This, of course, have the right to lead to your account being compromised and also you losing access to all of your content.

As such, you have to be sure to avoid any websites or users that say they can assist you gain verified ~ above TikTok.

Can I use for a showed checkmark top top TikTok?

No, and to make it more unfortunate for those seek the coveted argorial no tiktok doesn’t expose their precise algorithm for assigning one.

Is a renowned creator badge the very same thing as a showed checkmark?

No, some users will get a popular Creator Badge prior to they ever get the checkmark, however they don’t also go hand-in-hand. Those who get the former are highly active on the platform and also get a many of communication in your videos.

How numerous likes walk it take to obtain verified?

No one to know really, the best we have the right to ascertain is those who space verified have reached the attention of TikTok’s developers and therefore earned the checkmark.

Final Thoughts

Verification allows TikTok to highlight some of its best content creators on the platform, with most of these individuals uploading at the very least once a day and often being featured on the front page of the platform.

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While it can take part time to construct your audience and get verified, friend can significantly increase your opportunities by functioning hard and creating high-quality content.