Hello. Ns wasn't playing Bloodborne for couple of months and finaly determined to gain my platinum trophy. Right currently I have actually 2 trophies left: Yharnam, Pthumerian Queen (already at critical chalice) and Hunter's Essence. I have actually all various other weapons and need only blades of Mercy. Ns didn't uncover Eileen top top my first playthrough anywhere. Climate I began ng+ and also still nothing. I believed that it might be fixed later on patch, however no luck i guess. Currently I'm after death Viscar Amelia and lighted an initial lamp in Forbidden Woods. Please, assist me gain my platinum trophy. :( i don't want to start new character and doing this almost everywhere again or having to reach ng+2.

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I'm not sure if that will affect your Platinum trophy (I assume it will due to the fact that it is still the chisels of Mercy) however you can discover every single weapon in the Chalice Dungeon's in the "Uncanny" and also "Lost" forms.

Bad news but is the the blades of Mercy are pretty far in together root chalice walk Depth 4-5 usually iirc.

Thanks for answers, but I still can't uncover her. I hope she will be in grand Cathedral after ~ I kill Rom. I don't care about the badge. I just want to get her weapon and my trophy. Btw perform I require to have all these tools in mine inventory for this trophy? ns think i sold few of them because that blood echoes in the past.

You deserve to kill she in old yharnam. Strike her and also run ago on the beams for this reason she falls down come the bottom pit. Then just throw some Molotovs at her till she dies. Girlfriend still have to farm the 40k for the chisels though. Friend literally have actually the argorial to buy the blades in less then 5 minutes of making a new char.

Spawn at central Yharnam lamp

Run thru the area with the brick trolls, and also up the stairway to her right

Run thru the wolf cage area

Instead that going under the stairs, break the objects to your right

Drop down

You have to encounter more breakable objects, break them.

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Follow the path to Eileen

If she's no there, that means she's either in Cathedral Ward, or relying on how much you have actually advanced, at the dig of Oedon, fighting Henryk.

Help her death Henryk, and also she'll speak to you and also give friend the badge compelled for the blades of mercy

You carry out not obtain the badge because that helping her kill henryk, you would have to kill her there to get it at the point