How to Unlock New Vehicles in sommos.netents of Mayhem

You’ll have to sniff out some blueprints before you can unlock new vehicles in sommos.netents of Mayhem.

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Deep Brine is a valuable resource in Slime Rancher that is used as a crafting material for creating various gadgets. If you happen to have a blueprint recipe that calls for Deep Brine, you’ll need to explore the Far, Far Range to find it. This guide will explain how to get Deep Brine in Slime Rancher as well as what it’s used for.

How to Get Deep Brine in Slime Rancher


In Slime rancher, Deep Brine is found exclusively in the Dry Reef. This excludes the Ranch and Ranch Expansions, since they aren’t technically a part of the Dry Reef itself.

Advanced Pump

To obtain Deep Brine, you will need to have a Pump to extract it from the ground. Pumps are a type of Slime Science gadget used for extracting resources from particular build locations throughout the Far, Far Range. If you have a Pump, place it at a build site somewhere in the Dry Reef. Deep Brine should be extracted with each of your pump"s cycles.

To get a Pump, you must first have access to the Slime Science Lab, which is a Ranch Expansion that costs 10,000 Newbucks. Once you have the Lab, you can buy a Pump from the Builder’s Shop and place it somewhere in the Dry Reef to start extracting Deep Brine. We suggest using an Advanced Pump, as these pumps go through more cycles and will help you get more Deep Brine overall. Pump blueprint recipes can also be found within Treasure Pods in the Glass Desert or as a 7Zee Rewards Club rank reward as well.

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Treasure Pods

Deep Brine can also be found in Treasure Pods. Three of the Treasure Pods in the Dry Reef and one Treasure Pod in the Ancient Ruins will contain Deep Brine inside. To open a Treasure Pod, you will need to get a Treasure Cracker from the Lab. Make sure it has the correct upgrades for the Treasure Pod color you’re trying to unlock.

Gordo Slimes

Gordo Slimes can sometimes drop Deep Brine as well. Gordo Slimes caught in a Gordo Snare will drop a crate containing Deep Brine. Additionally, the wild Crystal, Dervish, Hunter, Mosaic, and Tangle Gordos usually drop crates with Deep Brine when popped. To get a Gordo to drop a crate, you must feed it lots of its favorite food until it bursts.


What Deep Brine is Used For

Deep Brine is mainly used for crafting various Decorations and Curios, as well as a few other Slime Science gadgets. Below we’ve listed all the gadgets that are crafted using Deep Brine, along with how much Deep Brine is needed to craft each.

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Sponge Shrub - 4Sponge Tree - 4Coral Grass Patch - 4Verdant Grass Patch - 4Grey Slime Lamp - 8Pink Slime Lamp - 8Red Slime Lamp - 8Hydro Turret - 8Pink Teleporter - 10Fashion Pod Remover - 5Googly Fashion Pod - 25Serious Fashion Pod - 25

If you followed this guide, you should nowknow how to get Deep Brine in Slime Rancher.