The ideal place to begin is just playing good basketball. In the MyCareer mode, you’ll knife VC for contributing to her team’s success. This way that you’ll accrue money for: Scoring Points, Collecting Rebounds, Assisting Teammates, and also Forcing Turnovers. Store in mind the you can likewise lose VC for offering away fouls and turning over the ball.

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Try to obtain your teammate grade together high as possible by playing well and you’ll earn a bonus based upon your power at the finish of the game. As soon as you progress additional through MyCareer you’ll be able to sign sponsorship transaction which will certainly maximise her VC income, but we’ll define that in much more detail later on.

Pick her Agent Carefully

During the MyCareer project you’ll want to raise your draft stock together high as possible, due to the fact that if she the second pick climate you’ll insurance the maximum salary possible during your very first season in the NBA. This means that with great performances you have the right to earn up to and also over 1,000 VC per complement you play, i beg your pardon is a pretty decent return – particularly early on when your minutes are fairly restricted.


You’ll likewise want to choose your certified dealer carefully. You’ll have two choices: Archie Baldwin and Harper Dell. If you will certainly earn much less with Harper Dell overall, you will do it get access to the most rewarding sponsors quickly, for this reason if she looking to spec the end your MyPlayer easily then this might be your ideal option. You can still earn good VC v Archie Baldwin, yet you may need to wait a little longer to acquire the best rewards.

As friend accrue fans, you’ll likewise land sponsorship deals. This typically carry out an injection that VC because that attending an occasion or endorsing a product, however you desire to pay attention to the Incentives too. Incentives can include payouts because that achieving details feats in a match, prefer registering 3 rebounds or scoring more than 20 points. Shot to obtain as many Incentives as possible, and also pick purposes that you’re certain you’ll have the ability to complete every game. Don’t issue too much about store discounts if you’re purely looking to maximise your VC.


Remember that while you have the right to submit counter-offers during the sponsorship negotiations, it’s important not to gain too greedy. Carriers will lose interest in you if you shot to need too lot from them, and also it’s better to have actually a weak contract than none at every – particularly if the payout is pretty an excellent overall.

Do the daily Spin Every Day


The Daily Spin is perhaps one of NBA 2K21’s much more controversial features, yet it basically assures a bonus every single day, so is worth connecting with. This year you’ll uncover the large wheel in Jeff’s 2K Arcade, i m sorry is in the Neighborhood – it’s difficult to miss. Head within every day and spin the wheel; while there various other prizes up for grabs – choose MyTeam Tokens and clothing unlocks – you’ll likewise be able to win VC and VC multipliers, for this reason it’s fine worth playing the game daily and spending a couple of minutes come spin the wheel.

Watch 2KTV


You can earn basic VC by city hall NBA 2KTV and responding to the polls and also trivia concerns that appear during the show. You’ll check out some episodes while the video game is loading; otherwise you can browse come the 2KTV ar on the main menu and also pick one instalment. While you i will not ~ earn lot VC from interacting, it’s reasonably low-effort currency.

Predict Real-World NBA Results


If you take place to it is in in Jeff’s 2K Arcade for the daily Spin, climate you may want come hit up among the kiosks roughly the back that enables you come predict real-world NBA results. Unfortunately, offered the disruption come the schedule because of coronavirus, the video game won’t let girlfriend predict the recurring playoffs. Thus you’ll must wait until December for the brand-new season prior to you have the right to use this. Select the correct winners, though, and there’s simple VC in it because that you.

Purchase from the PS Store


VC is easily accessible from the PlayStation save in various increments. While it’s not the route we recommend you take, if you looking for rapid injection the Virtual money then it’s constantly an option you can take. Buying an ext VC in one sum usually nets girlfriend a better deal, so go for bigger package if you have the right to afford them. Also, keep in mind the 2K sporting activities will sometimes discount VC on the PS Store, so if you’re patient you can wait and also potentially conserve big.

How perform you earn VC in NBA 2K21? allow us understand your strategies in the comments section below, and also be certain to inspect out All NBA 2K21 Locker Codes and NBA 2K21: ideal Builds for MyPlayer and MyCareer through the links.

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Hi, exactly how do I collect my VC bonuses from Nike, Gatorade, etc? It claims to go to the office in the neighbourhood but I can’t find an office.

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bentelford walk to the Neighborhood. Walk previous the Pro-Am building. Take a right where The Rec center would be. Walk come the end of the street take another right and also walk every the method to the finish of the road and also you"ll check out the structure to your left. Top top the appropriate side the the Gym. Friend can"t miss it.