Minecraft is a game around collecting and building as lot it is about adventuring and also exploring. Below is all about the Dragon Head in Minecraft and how the football player can acquire their hands on it.

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Exploring the human being of Minecraft will reward the players in assorted ways. Players can find brand-new places to explore, find an excellent loot and also even some rare items and beautiful scenic landscapes. However, players always try to discover the rarest item in order to make rare mechanically structures and also crafting item.

Here is one such rare item that the players deserve to obtain and that is the Dragon Head in Minecraft.

Minecraft Dragon Head

Dragon Head in Minecraft (image via. Reddit u/OneTrickYasuo)

This is a decorative block the is an extremely rare even amongst the various other head blocks and can just be obtained in one specific location in The End!

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Mob top are really rare come come by as they usually require a charged Creeper to explode close to a mob and also kill them. This will make lock drop a Head and also players have the right to collect it.

How to acquire the Dragon Head in Minecraft?

Dragon Head (image via. YouTube: Jed Nemch)

This is just one of the only mob heads that carry out not autumn by regular Charged creeper explosions close to Ender Dragon. Moreover, this is the only mob head in the video game that is naturally produced in a structure.

This Minecraft Dragon Head is only available on the prior of the bow that the end Ship which has actually a little chance of showing up in an finish City. This deserve to only it is in accessed after defeating the Ender Dragon and also is therefore really hard come get. Players can simply rest them v a Pickaxe to achieve it.

YouTube: AshleyAurora Plays

This item has actually no handy purpose in the game or any kind of use in the currently crafting recipes at this time in use. This can not be used in anything various other than decoration. Players deserve to hang it up on your walls and even move approximately bits and also parts that it come customise it. This is the only head block in the video game that has actually movable part.

Moreover, the dragon head deserve to be put right into the Helmet slot come wear the on your head. This is a very large head and also will look very large on the head. However, attract this does not give any special results to the players.

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