Struggling v oily hair is so typical that many who endure from overabundance scalp oil, do not inspection the factors why hair stays greasy, even shortly after ~ washing it. Having oily hair is an ext than the stereotypes of bad hygiene or natural causes. If you can relate, this is something girlfriend should resolve as over there is one device we usage on our hair and scalp daily, that may play a bigger function in leading to your oily hair 보다 you would certainly imagine.

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Have you ever looked at her hairbrush and also wondered what the grey lint residue is the builds up about the bristles? Most world would i think this to just be old hair, since what else would you discover in a hairbrush? right here is what really is in your hairbrush… 

The residue the you watch in her hairbrush that resembles grey lint is dead skin cells, in addition to old, matted hair and hair product residue. This creates bacteria and also your hairbrush slowly becomes more and much more contaminated. 

The college of Arizona exit a study that reported hairbrushes house roughly 3400 bacteria colonies per square inch. If the does not gross you out enough, let us compare the average hairbrush come a typical bathroom sink i beg your pardon houses around 2700 swarms per square inch.

Keep in mind, when your hairbrush is filled with old hair and also bacteria, you are combing that very same bacteria v your hair and also redistributing the on her scalp. Return this bacterium may not be detrimental, it have the right to lead come scalp odor, skin irritations and also most typically – oily hair! 


Women on mean spend $55,000 on their hair and also hair products during their lifetime. One way to alleviate buildup in her hairbrush and on the scalp is to begin investing in clean beauty assets that space not heavy and also do no weigh down the hair and also leave residue on her hair tools.


I emerged the takesumi decoding overnight dried shampoo v product buildup on the scalp in mind. On height of gift a natural dry shampoo that is safe from aerosol and harsh chemicals, the flour is made kind micronized rice starch which is less likely to develop up top top the scalp and in your hairbrush while at the very same time, maintaining your hair oil for free!

Now the we understand cleaning ours hairbrush is essential, there space two means you deserve to go around it. The quick Sanitize works ideal for those v chronic oily hair together it have the right to be done day-to-day to assist lessen the buildup on both the brush and also the scalp. The deep clean works for any kind of other hair type and must be done monthly to get rid of any type of bacteria and help keep the scalp healthy.


The quick Sanitize 

Step 1: eliminate the hair from the brush. For a paddle brush, remove the hair indigenous the bristles using any kind of long rod or thing to not disturb the bristles. For a ring brush, pull the hairs out from the bristles and use scissors to reduced the continuing to be hair out of the brush. Each time you use your hairbrush, remove any kind of hair that it collects. Dispose that the hair.

Step 2: Sanitize the hairbrush ~ the hair removal utilizing a sanitizer. Spraying the brush v 70% isopropyl alcohol or simply mix one part water and also one component apple cider vinegar and spraying that recipe onto your brush will certainly disinfect.

Step 3: location the hairbrush v the bristles facing down and permit the hairbrush to dried overnight completely before making use of again.

The Deep Clean

Step 1: remove the hair from your brush together you would for The quick Sanitize.

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Step 2: to fill a bowl with warmth water and a few drops of herbal shampoo and dip her hairbrush into the soapy water, swirling the brush approximately to ensure that all bristles room coated. Be sure not come submerge the hairbrush as it may cause damage to the base and handle.Step 3: take a clean, unused toothbrush, wet it, and also put couple of drops of the organic shampoo ~ above top. Making use of the toothbrush, clean roughly the bristles and also the surface ar of the hairbrush.Step 4: wash off your brush with clean water and also shake off excess water. Spray your hairbrush with a sanitizer of your an option and location bristle down overnight ~ above a towel to dry.