I've been breeding competative shinies latley, and also the following one I want to execute is Espeon. So I need it to have actually magic bounce. Now, the critical pokemon game prior to sun that i played to be sapphire. So i guess I'm behind the times. I haven't seen straight answers because that this anywhere, therefore I'm getting to out because that help.

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In oder because that Espeon to have actually magic bounce, i think eevee needs to have actually anticipation. I have several 5IV eevees through anticipation together their main ability, however does it should be a HA in order to interpret to magic bounce? If so, room HAs also breedable?

Thanks in development for any type of assistance you deserve to offer!

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In oder for Espeon to have magic bounce, ns think eevee demands to have actually anticipation.

Indeed, the is the case.

does it must be a HA in stimulate to translate to magic bounce?

Yes. If a Pokemon doesn't have its HA, it won't have actually its HA once it evolves either.

Inversely, if a Pokemon has its HA, as soon as it evolves, it'll have the HA of the Pokemon it will have actually become.

If so, room HAs also breedable?


A female Pokemon has a 60% possibility to pass down its Hidden capacity (80% if that isn't Hidden).

Same for males and genderless Pokemon, but only when they are bred v Ditto.

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(EDIT: Corrected ability inheritance odds. Thanks, Mr1ndigo.)

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Thank you really much! Followup question, if girlfriend don't mind. Is over there a means to tell once anticipation is a HA rather of a main capacity when SOS chaining? Or carry out I kinda simply toss the dice?

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Females have actually 80% possibility for non-HA to be passed down, but only 60% because that HA. I can direct you to a different thread the dug right into the in-code math, if you'd like.

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