constructed for toughness in teamwork, the Rat King in Destiny 2 can be made even stronger v the Rat King Catalyst. Here"s how to get it.

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Destiny 2 Guardian using Rat King and Strike Boss
The Rat King is the definition of collaboration in Destiny 2. ~ above its own, the Rat King is a comfortable weapon for Hunters thanks to that invisibility after every reload following a kill. Yet if every member of a team is wielding a Rat King, they jointly grow in stamin to do incredible damage.

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The Rat King Catalyst is strong recommended for players who plan on making use of this weapon a lot. It offers the weapon a lot an ext milage and makes that much an ext useful for Hunters who rely on the invisibility. This is what all players should know about what the Rat King Catalyst does and also how to get it.

What The Rat King Catalyst Does

Destiny 2 Rat King
The Rat King Catalyst gives a perk to the weapon referred to as Infestation. Infestation provides three separate benefits to the Rat King:

Improve aim assist Improve recoil direction Triggering Vermin invisibility now refreshes health

far better aiming and recoil direction is always nice with a sidearm. However, the refresh wellness upon invisibility is yes, really the meat that the Rat King Catalyst. By obtaining into the habit the reloading ~ every kill, the player will briefly go invisible and also receive a quick health refresh. Because that Hunters, this is great for ensuring survivability and also makes PVP a lot much more interesting.

Destiny 2 win Boss
The Rat King Catalyst will certainly randomly be bonus to the player upon completing Heroic or Nightfall Strikes. Over there doesn’t seem to be any concrete proof that act one or the various other will boost the odds the a drop.

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while the precise odds of the dropping are unknown, the is yes, really rare. It will certainly most likely take a few dozen Strikes, according to players. There unfortunately doesn’t seem to be a means of boosting these odds such that Rat King Catalyst will certainly be the Catalyst to appear. Thus, players shouldn’t be surprised if castle get one more Nightfall Strike-based Catalyst like the Merciless Catalyst.

Destiny 2 Rat King Black plague Ornament
Upgrading the Rat King Catalyst deserve to either it is in a tiny annoyin, or among the hardest things a player will certainly do. This is because it calls for a teammate death one thousand enemies using the Rat King. One thousand enemies is an stroked nerves grind in its own right, yet convincing one more player to do it so their friend can gain the Catalyst update is a hard one.

This is additionally one of the couple of times that kills because that a Catalyst upgrade cannot be excellent retroactively. The player must very first have the Rat King Catalyst, and then a fireteam member will require to acquire the one thousand kills.

Destiny 2 Guardian making use of Rat King
gaining the Rat King Catalyst is ideal done top top easy and fast, to complete Heroic Strikes. Nightfalls will be handy, yet they’re no as reliable for time come complete. In all reality though, the player will carry out plenty of both before getting the Rat King Catalyst.

As much as upgrading, the best method is come get an entire clan to commit to using the Rat King. Each death by any kind of member the the fireteam will certainly count. The best method to execute this is to find a group of players who either desire to upgrade their Rat King Catalysts, or like using the Rat King in general. The is virtually difficult to gain the Rat King Catalyst upgraded, solo for this reason teamwork is mandatory to part degree.

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