how to get the copper key in jailbreak This is a topic that many people are looking for. is a channel providing useful information about learning, life, digital marketing and online courses …. it will help you have an overview and solid multi-faceted knowledge . Today, would like to introduce to you FULL GUIDE | How to GET THE COPPER KEY | Roblox Ready Player One Jailbreak Event. Following along are instructions in the video below:Everybody sister today. Im gonna be showing you guys how to get this amazing amazing bacon hair crown of the copper key as you can see ive of unique pick in your head. So ive already gotten distinct. So im gonna go ahead and show you how you can get one of these for yourself and be unique. So first thing gonna do is get a helicopter go up here in like attempted no perish ticklish. Because um sometimes it works sometimes it doesnt and in that case. It doesnt you really dont necessarily need the no parachute glitch. But it just really helps a lot. But what you gonna do first am im in a vip server you can do this in the vip you arent public preferably. A vip server. So that thomas the train will actually like cooperate with you because in public server thomas does some funny stuff so what you got to do take your helicopter come over here and just ram it to the building. And you can see on a mini map on the white dot thats the helicopter. So im gonna be slowly. Im just flying over here as you can see and like just following this river going towards the bank as im waiting for the chicken. The cutscene to finish that way you can save some time. So. What im gonna do is just go over to the jewelry store or the bank. It doesnt really matter. Which one you go to as long as you go to a store preferably not to train. Because trained a little bit funny so lets come over here and start on this robber. You just like this go ahead come inside here you dont necessarily need it to do an entire robbery. But im gonna go ahead and grab a tank of 5k cuz mater is all grabbing me im kind of broke and gotta get some money so come over here just get ourself. Ive can get out of here. They got herself five thousand cash and now we just got to come all the way up here no weapons necessary because were on the vip. So if you dont even need to shoot the moneybags. All you gotta do is just run through here dont die.

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I dont pull a joey two player. You know just easy easy camera stuff okay just run. Its its simple. Its like you dont even like me to try to do this just jump over the lasers just dodged a lasers. Im like yeah. I just run right through easy. Peasy and then we come up here and go just up along this ramp onto the door. And just jump and hope that the parachute doesnt break come down here get five thousand cash in or whatever. However money have come over here. We found a fracture piece and note. Very carefully said you found a fracture piece. It immediately. It says a fracture. The line even though theres one but but thats easy. Its too late to change the word so i guess. Its well with one fracture. And its um. Hows the language itself. So now all we gotta do is come over here to this waterfall by the windmills. I mean windmills are kinda ovens are huge unless youre a graphics one for like 10 fps. Im not sure exactly but uh nerd. And dad you should be able to easily come over. Here. And come. All the way up in here. Heres mr.

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Um. Wade watts. Mr. Camp and cop surprise. Wade washington. The guy have two flashlights because flashlights watts. That battery you know. But anyway. Were just gonna wait for all this dialogue to clear up and it actually get tells you what to plus. Im just gonna go in for like six six six in here. So and a little easier than a score. I had to pete do you know what it is answer. It literally tells you it right here. You dont even eat you like i dont even think you need to have the sound on this video. And its like literally just right there. I mean. Its so easy. 3 3. 3. 3. 3. 6. 0. Just look at this this is easy. Peasy. And okay.

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Eight seven four three zero zero. Just like that here take this key. You dont have to wait here. The first red boxer. Now every single train now has this key no matter. If youve gone to quest no matter. If you havent first red car will have a cylinder in it there it is perfect timing you can see a red cylinder is on time to train. So what we got to do is fly like somewhere over here and let me just quickly jump out and start parachuting to align myself. With thomas a train just like so and we come on here see its a red car plus two blue ones does it honestly matters longer the first one is red gotta. Go here press e to breach the vault. And open up this e. As well wow. A lock box needs a key wait you have a key lets try it and whoa is this a joke. Theres game cartridge wonder. If you can play this you can just like jump out on the train at this point. And now we just have to walk all the way back to this helicopter and i go to the camping cops again music and once youre in a helicopter and youre over here by the windmills again come over here to the waterfall. And i just jump out come all the way inside. Here. We found the chi ollivanders game cartridge lets play all right wasd to move spam click the shoot button lets do this all righty here we go guys you can just gotta get a score of i believe 100. Which is 10 cars shot down. So. We just gotta keep shooting. All these vehicles over here. Okay. That does that cars done for. There we go just like that score over 100000.

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Credible. The gate has been cleared and the badge that you are going to get is shown right here. This is the main home jailbreak. Youre gonna get this badge. Called meet the devs name is misleading. Because vasi sees the troll. Lets lets face okay. He like like oh. I have like 150 thousand million robux whatever. I dont know and i broke you know so like math cc is kind of a little troll. He named it to meet the dev. So that we thought it was gonna be just like oh. I should meet asked him on bass you see in game even though in reality. He said. Its not required. But thats how you get the copper key so anyway. Were gonna go ahead and show you what it looks like just like this unique bacon hair. Without. The copper crowns and unique vacant hair with the copper crown. So if you guys enjoyed this be sure to press like comment subscribe. Thank you mr. Wade watts. Please dont camp anymore glide your camp fires extinguish. Oh i am never mind. Its just staying here. Anyway. This is like the easiest quest like they made it so much easier just go ahead and get this key bass. You see said. Everyone should be able to get even its like default bacon here joey shouldnt even get it so guys enjoy this light come subscribe you know you guys music. .

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