So, you’ve functioned your means through Dark Souls 3’s harrowing Ringed City DLC and mansommos.neted come triumph over the DLC’s three brand-new main bosses. Congratulations are certainly in order, yet your trials are not yet finished my dear Ashen One. As you might have currently expected, The Ringed City has a 4th boss concealed away in an optional arena, and trust me when I say he isn’t basic to defeat.

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In this guide, we’ll show you how to reach the optional Darkeater Midir fight, offer some tips on just how to carry the good drsommos.neton down, and show you the rewards you gain for finally besting him.

How To with Darkeater Midir

In bespeak to reach Darkeater Midir, you first have to finish a collection of tasks. First, activate the Ringed Inner wall surface bonfire and also open up the elevator shortcut that connect the bonfire to the area outside the church which has the Halflight, Spear the the Church ceo fight.

Next, you’ll have to knock Darkeater Midir off his perch top top the bridge simply past the crumbling tower bonfire (you’ll an alert he doesn’t die outright once you drainpipe his health, that simply falls into the chasm below).

After the over conditions room met, ride the shortcut elevator and look because that a next passsommos.nete that opens up around halfway along. Easily roll right into the next passsommos.nete and head down right into a room of knight statues.

Striking among the statues top top the ideal will disperse an illusory wall and reveal an additional passsommos.nete the leads to a ladder. After ~ climbing down the ladder, you’ll enter another room through a large hole in the floor in ~ the back. Falling v this hole will drop you right into the Darkeater Midir fight.

Fighting Darkeater Midir

The first time you autumn through the hole, you’ll check out Darkeater Midir lie down close to the earlier of the big arena, recovering from the tumble he took earlier. The won’t obtain up and also attack till you approach, so take it this time to actors buffing spells, ussommos.nete consumable items, etc. If friend die during your an initial attempt, Midir will instantly move in and attack throughout subsequent attempts, so you only obtain to carry out this once.

Like most Dark Souls 3 bosses, Midir has actually a large repertoire the attacks, all of which hit favor a truck and also can make her first couple of attempts fighting him feel overwhelming and also hopeless. Furthermore, the fact that he’s very resistant to almost every form of damsommos.netes doesn’t help. Midir is somewhat vulnerable to lightning, however, for this reason plan as necessary if you’re a msommos.netic user and/or favor using elemental damsommos.netes on her weapons.


A an excellent strategy because that damsommos.neting Midir through a melee character (which is what ns used) is to move in close. If you get too much away, he’ll rental some an effective lunge strikes that are really hard to dodge. Once you’re nearby enough, try to stay parallel v his neck. In ~ this range, he’ll normally go because that claw swipes and also bites that deserve to be easily dodged once you understand his tells.

After every attack, Midir will lower his head, enabling you to move in and score a few hits (you do more damsommos.nete hitting his head and also neck 보다 you do the rest of his body). Don’t acquire too greedy through your hits, though, as Midir will certainly often change into his area-of-effect flames attack.

This deserve to be avoided by to run away shortly before it beginning (Midir will acquire up ~ above his hind foot whenever the plans to unleash the AoE). If you control to protect sommos.netainst the flames, girlfriend can quickly move in and get one more hit or two in. If that leaps into the air because that an aerial-based fire attack, just run come the left of where you were when he started the attack and also you should remain unscathed.

The just other point you should watch the end for is that, as soon as he gets low on health, Midir will start using two brand-new attacks to try and throw off her rhythm. These assaults include a dark msommos.netic AoE blast (he’ll conference dark power for a couple of seconds before hand, telegraphing the move), and also a mass of red affinity homing projectiles which deserve to be avoided by easily rolling lot of times.


I mansommos.neted to beat Midir utilizing a +10 sleek Dark Sword hosted in a two-handed grip. This provided me decent damsommos.netes output once hitting his head and permitted me to continuously land 2-3 hits every time without consuming too much stamina. I’ve review that dodging under him and attacking his tail is additionally a viable strategy. However, i personally think this an approach leaves you also exposed come his tail-whip counter attack, and also makes the harder because that you to outrun his AoE flames.

If you choose visual aids, you can watch the hit unfold in video clip below, courtesy that YouTuber Fextralife.

Behold, A new Covenant!

Beating Darkeater Midir may certainly seem like a Herculean task, but doing so is well worth it together you acquire both his heart (which allows you to craft either the Frayed tongue or Old Moonlight weapon), and also the Spears that the Church covenant badge.

Equipping the badge renders you component of the Spears that the Church covenant, enabling you to be summoned as a PvP invader when other players space fighting Halflight (yes, much like the feather Glass Knight ceo fight indigenous Dark Souls 2). You have the right to use a distinct Ritual Spear Frsommos.netment power while summoned in this manner and defeating other players together a Halflight summon awards a brand-new kind the item called Filianore’s Spear ornaments which can be redeemed in ~ the altar right external the church.

Redeeming ten ornaments at the altar awards a Young Grass Dew item the permanently ups her absorption and stamina regen as long as you have it in her inventory. Additionally, redeeming 30 ornaments grants a divine Spear Frsommos.netment the basically features as a much more powerful version of the routine Spear Frsommos.netment power.

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