Pick increase the entire Hunter attire set and share up ~ above Antidotes as you prepare because that the battle versus the Blood-starved Beast!

The Blood-Starved Beast is definitely one of the more complicated bosses in Bloodborne, due to its ferocious nature and ability to quickly poison you. In this Bloodborne Blood-Starved Beast boss guide, we"ll be walking you with how to defeat the Blood-Starved Beast, including just how you can easily get about its deadly poison attacks.

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Bloodborne Blood-Stared Beast boss Guide

The Blood-starved Beast seems favor a reasonably simple battle at first, but prior to you enter the fight, make certain you have a complete stock the Antidotes. Unfortunately, you deserve to only have actually 10 Antidotes top top you at a time, so make certain you"re totally stocked through Blood Vials as well. It"s additionally a great idea to switch her weapon come the long-form since the Blood-starved Beast is really agile, leaps lengthy distances and moves around quite a bit. V your weapon in long-form you"ll be able to hit the easier.


How to defeat the Blood-Starved Beast in Bloodborne

For the very first part that the battle, run approximately the Blood-starved Beast and also wait for it to initiate one attack. As shortly as you see one of its arms move, gain ready to dodge behind it or come the left or right. In most cases you"ll only must dodge once, specifically if girlfriend can gain behind it. The Blood-starved Beast moves so far with each strike that you"ll it is in well the end of that is attack selection with a solitary dodge an ext often than not. This likewise causes a slim problem due to the fact that you may not be close enough to attack.

The Blood-starved Beast assaults with a couple of different patterns. If friend stand straight in front of it, the beast might grab you and also bite her character. This poisons her character and also inflicts a substantial amount of damage. You desire to avoid this attack at every costs.

From a moderate distance the Blood-starved Beast will leap toward you v a bevy of rapid slashing attacks. You may want to dodge a pair of times to make sure you"re clean of all of these attacks. The Blood-starved Beast likewise uses one or 2 swiping assaults that are reasonably easy to dodge, and also leaves friend close enough to follow through an attack.


When the Blood-starved Beast supplies it"s far-ranging leap attack, if you can time your dodge well sufficient you have the right to land a Charge attack to its ago and then follow v a critical strike. The time on this is center strict, however the real an obstacle is lining up so you"re still behind the Blood-starved Beast once your Charge strike executes. It moves around so lot this have the right to be challenging to pull off. V that said, friend shouldn"t be too worried about a crucial strike because a three-hit combo will inflict virtually as much damage.

To sum it up, during the an initial half of the fight stay close to the Blood-starved Beast and dodge its attacks while you respond to with one or 2 hits from your long-form weapon, or a well-placed and also well-timed Charge attack into a vital strike.

When the Blood-starved Beast is down to listed below 50 percent health, it pauses because that a moment, climate stands on its hind legs. When you check out this, relocate away as easily as you can. The Blood-starved Beast follows this place with a to explode of poison the emits indigenous its body. If you"re as well close it will knock friend away and potentially poison you as well. After ~ this suggest the fight i do not care considerably more difficult.


You may have noticed that liquid is steadily squirting the end of the Blood-starved Beast. This is poison and it"s now leaking out also faster than before. Anytime you"re close to the Blood-starved Beast, her character will be slowly poisoned. This is shown by a bar above your character"s head. The larger the bar, the closer you space to being totally poisoned and also the much faster your life depletes. Once the bar is full you"re completely poisoned and also your life will drainpipe rapidly.

Whenever you view the bar appear, if you have a decent amount that health, shot not to use an Antidote. You only have 10, and also you"re going to need one if the bar it s okay full. Unfortunately you can"t inflict much damage to the Blood-starved Beast without acquiring close, which means you"re going to eat the poison fairly a bit. Usage Blood Vials as much as you have the right to to keep your wellness up because you have actually twice as numerous of them as you perform Antidotes. If the toxicity gauge gets an ext than 50 percent full, use an Antidote. You"ll additionally find three Antidotes behind the statue top top the far side the the room. If you operation out, use these as a critical resort.

Anytime you watch the bar throughout the second half of this battle, it"s a great idea to ago away indigenous the Blood-starved Beast and either heal, use an Antidote or just progressively let the bar walk down. Unfortunately, the Blood-starved Beast is far an ext aggressive in ~ this point, which way it can be an overwhelming to continue to be away native it. Constantly keep a lock-on so you know where the beast is at, and keep her distance v multiple dodges in rapid succession if you require to.


You want to inflict damages to end up it off, however at this allude it"s much better to remain alive 보다 risk acquiring poisoned and also dying. Relocate in, assault once or twice, then conveniently move away to address the toxicity if need be. While it"s still possible to land a Charge assault into a an essential strike, it"s far more complicated due to just how much the Blood-starved Beast move around. Friend will have to dodge quite a bit here and use her Antidotes and also Blood Vials wisely come ensure you stay alive long enough to complete off the Blood-starved Beast.

Once you"ve defeated the beast, irradiate the Church the the great Chalice lamp in ~ the end of the room, then circle around the earlier side the the statue to pick up the 3 Antidotes if you haven"t already.

Essential tips for defeating the Blood-Starved Beast

The Blood-Starved Beast is certainly one that the harder fights in Bloodborne, therefore if you require a recap that what come look out for when fighting the monster, check out the quick list just below:

If you"re infront of the Blood-Starved Beast and it attacks, a solitary dodge to either side will stop the attack.It"s feasible to stun the monster, while it"s claw is far behind its back.At 50% health, the Blood-Starved Beast emits a massive cloud of poison.Fire paper and Molotovs room deadly against the boss.

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From defeating the Blood-Starved Beast, you"ll unfortunately have to retrace your measures slightly, if you desire to reach the following chronological area of the game. Head every the method back come the Cathedral Ward, and also you have the right to make your method into the Forbidden Woods.