Watercolor file comes in assorted weights and the lighter variants can buckle (also well-known as cockling) as soon as they acquire wet. How can I protect against or mitigate this native happening? Is over there a preferred an approach or should I simply buy the really heavy paper?



To protect against the paper buckling/cockling friend pre-stretch it, the is you wet the document and tape it under to a rigid board v gum strip. I generally use a wooden illustration board that i made in job-related shop practice 50 odd years ago. Note masking ice cream does not work and also gum-strip for this together it does no adhere very well come wet paper.

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You repaint onto the stretched record and only cut it free from the gum-strip when finished.

Heavier document (say 300+ grams every square meter) normally does no cockle when you repaint on it using water colour technique (do no regard this together a challenge, I\"m certain you can get it come cockle through a wet sufficient technique).

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When document gets wet, that expands. Use wet watercolour to only part of the paper, and also only component of the record will expand, bring about the file to buckle. If there space no constraints on the paper, the document will dried buckled.

(This effect will be much less noticeable the more thickness the record is.)

Before you paint

You have the right to purchase blocks of paper where every web page is attached come the sides, and also thus stretches the document while the dries, leading to it to dried pretty flat.

You can attain the same effect (although much less effective) by taping loose sheets to a board with masking tape.

Another method is come immerse the paper (should be at least around 180 g/m²) in water totally before painting. This method the file expands uniformly in all directions and dries pretty flat as well.

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After friend paint

Sandwich your file face down between two great of noodle fabric and steam-iron your paper (in all directions). Placed a board and also some weights (heavy books) on to dry. If friend look to frame your painting, girlfriend will probably want to execute this step, nevertheless how level the paper dried v the over methods.