Step 1: Open

Open a part document in Solidworks and Open a map out wherever you want (Top plane, appropriate Plane, Front aircraft or any kind of other plane that is make by you)

-"Ön Düzlem" means Front plane in Turkish. My operation system"s default language is Turkish, i have the right to not change my SW totally in English-


Step 2: Draw

Draw a circle. (With two allude circle) the will help you to affix your drawings on part points favor attaching the center point of circle come the origin.)


Step 3: use smart dimension

Use smart dimension to size your circle. That will certainly make her drawing totally defined. (blue lines will turn to black.)

Select centerline (contionous heat will work too however centerline is better) and draw a vertical heat on the horizontal facility of the circle.

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Step 4: pick Trim

Select trim tool and click ~ above "trim to closest". Than click on the left or ideal side of the one (directly come the line) to acquire a fifty percent circle. Click on the green button on the top right to check trimming.


Step 5: sketch confirmation

Now you have actually a half circle. Click the lay out confirmation switch on the peak right.


Step 6: select Features

Click ~ above the features on the top. And also then click "Revolved Boss/Base"


Step 7: choose 360 degrees

After clicking "Revolved Boss/Base click on the vertical line on the sketch. (it will occupational on this skecth no issue where girlfriend clicked. However on your future drawings that will assist you to click axis line. This attribute will pick the swing axis instantly that girlfriend clicked first.)

You can adjust the pour it until it is full angle as you can see top top the image. We pick 360 levels to gain a full sphere.

Then click to check botton top top the top right.

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Step 8: sketch & modify your sphere

Here you have a basic sphere. You deserve to find and right click the lay out then modify it to change the radius.

(give names to your sketches. The will help you in the future. You deserve to do that by selecting the map out on feature tree and then pushing f2 button on your keyboard.)