Since Assassin’s Creed is together a large franchise v many personalities that have actually their own an individual backstories, that not lot of a surprised that fans want to know exactly how each and every among these well-loved personalities are concerned each other. A inquiry that resulted in a substantial debate in the fandom is whether Altair and Ezio are genetically related.

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Adewale (Assassins Creed) CostumeAdewale style is very dark and also assassin-like, despite his previous as a pirate shines with nonetheless. His many iconic outfit is very complicated and consists of many straps, sheaths, and also layers

Altair ibn la Ahad (Assassins Creed) CostumeAltair uniform consists of the symbolic beak-shaped hood the marks a grasp assassin, three layers the white linen as is customary to the Order, brown pants, and knee-high boots.

Anne Bonny CostumeAnne Bonny’s usual outfit is very piratical and colonial-inspired. She attract a white blouse v pleats approximately the chest and also a dark green lace-up corset that cover her from she waist to she shoulders

Arno Dorian (Assassin"s Creed Unity) CostumeArno Dorian"s style replicates French soldier through both pattern and colors: blue, red, and also white. Also, the outfit shows Arno"s noble background due to the fact that it looks really classy and well-cut

Aveline De Grandpre CostumeAveline De Grandpre outfit is very empowering together well. Rather of a dress or long skirt, she wears trousers which allow her higher mobility and better fighting skills
Connor Kenway (Assassins Creed) CostumeConnor Kenway’s outfit has designs that are heavily influenced by aboriginal American culture, favor his necklace, boots, and an option of weapons.

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Desmond miles CostumeDesmond Miles often wears a white hoodies jacket v a blood red shade on the inside, both color mimic a color palette of his ancestors’ uniform, v a an easy pair the jeans
Edward Kenway (Assassin"s Creed) CostumeEdward Kenway owns a very stunning assassin costume the is red and also white colors signify Edward"s brothers root and also a pair of covert blade and also other awesome accessory
Ezio Auditore da Firenze (Assassins Creed) CostumeEzio wears a white, collared tunic under a silver-white vest, loose dark brown pants, and also knee-high animal leather boots.
Haytham Kenway CostumeHaytham Kenway outfit is very piratical in appearance and adds to his air of uniqueness. It’s no a an extremely easy outfit to placed together and also will need a dedicated individual to commit to
Jacob Frye (Assassins Creed Syndicate) CostumeSet in the victor Era, Jacob attract a quirky emerald vest, a red cravat, dark brown pants, knee-high boots, and an iconic leather black jacket
James Kidd CostumeJames Kidd wears a white blouse underneath a rustic eco-friendly jacket v a continuous pair that tan pants and high boots
Mary review CostumeMary review regularly wears white blouse under a rustic environment-friendly coat through a constant pair that tan pants and also high boots
Shao Jun CostumeShao Jun - a fearless sword swinging assassin, wears a deep brown hooded coat with red silk trim and also a mandarin collar