There are a number of family aspirations in The Sims 4, consisting of big happy family, super parent, and the topic of today’s guide the successful lineage aspiration.

This aspiration focuses on making her sim’s children successful in school and their careers consisting of gaining an abilities and mentoring.

The aspiration is awesome for anyone that loves family members gameplay and wants to make their sims together awesome together possible.


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Traits because that the Successful lineage Aspiration

The traits that your sim has actually are really vital for your aspirations, friend don’t want to have actually a sim through traits that don’t make feeling for it!

Family Oriented

Of course, a sim that is working through a family aspiration should have the family oriented trait. These sims love security time v their family and will feeling happy more often once their family is around.


Outgoing is a seriously good option due to the fact that you’re going to have family members members living with you and also you want your center to gain being social with their family members members.

Reward Trait for the Aspiration

When your sim ultimately finishes the aspiration they room going come be provided the vicarious reward trait which is among the best reward characteristics in the game.

With this trait, any kind of skill gains the your sim’s kids gain will additionally contribute to her own, permitting your sim to gain an abilities without having actually to carry out anything i m sorry is awesome.

Stages the the Aspiration

Stage 1: conveniently a parent

Become an AdultSpend §1,000 top top Kids’ Stuff

This is of food the easiest component of the aspiration. Your sim will need to age up come an adult and also have §1000 worth of kids’ ingredient in your household. This can incorporate furniture, toys, wall decor, etc.

Stage 2: Caregiver

Read to a kid for two HoursBecome a ParentSocialize through Your son 10 times

This 2nd section contains actually coming to be a parent either v adoption or providing birth. You can learn all about having babies in the sims here!

You’ll then should socialize through your child 10 times. This is easy and also includes any type of kind of society interaction. You have the right to talk to your kids’ and also get to recognize them to get this done.

Finally, you’ll must read come a child for 2 hours. Since this aspiration was created before toddlers to be released, it only right now works because that children, not toddlers.

You’ll need to click a bookcase and also choose open, then discover one of the purple and white books and click on it. You’ll obtain the alternative to review the book to your child.

Stage 3: reliable Mentor

Help a boy with Homework 3 times Have a boy Earn one “A” in High SchoolHave a child Max any type of Skill

This ar is where the aspiration gets a bit much more intense, however not hard. You space going to require to assist your kid with homework 3 times.

You’ll need to acquire your kids to start working on your homework and then while managing the main sim, friend can click on them and choose help v homework. This will get your sim’s homework excellent much quicker too, which is nice.

You’re going to need to obtain a teenager to have an A in high school. To carry out this you have to do her homework everyday, and also maybe even some extra credit work. And get your an abilities up, because you need to have actually a skill at level 4 in stimulate to gain an A.

Finally, you need to have actually a son max the end a skill. This might be either a child ability or a continual skill when your sim’s son is a teenager.

I discover it simplest to shot and get a child aged sim to max the end the imagination skill by play the violin.

Stage 4: effective Lineage

Mentor Your boy 3 TimesHave a Child complete an AspirationHave a child or Grandchild reach the peak of a Career

Mentoring in the Sims 4 is a little bit of one annoyance yet can be valuable if provided properly. You’ll need to do that 3 times, this have the right to be done by having your adult sim have actually a skill maxed out. Then, get your sim’s child to begin working on the skill, and also you should have the ability to click on castle while regulating the adult and choose mentor.

For example, if your adult sim has maxed out the guitar ability you can get your teenager to begin playing the guitar. Climate come over as the adult and choose mentor.

You’ll need to have actually a sim end up an aspiration. This deserve to be any of the childhood aspirations which are usually easier to end up in a short period of time, due to the fact that adult aspirations are much more of a lengthy term commitment. Girlfriend can likewise start a teenager working top top the best offering author or painter extraordinaire aspiration because they can get them done early.

Finally, you require to have your child get to the peak of a career. This is walking to it is in the longest time commitment of the aspiration!

Final thoughts

That’s all folks, that’s every little thing you need to know so girlfriend can end up the successful family tree aspiration in the game. How do you feel about this set of household aspirations? room you bored with them? Or do you still use them often? let us understand in the comments!


Son February 22, 2021 at 7:40 am

Do the teen weekend tasks count? Or just the complete careers?


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