Lock picking is a craft of manipulating the small internal components of a lock v an itty-bitty keyhole. It is a job of precision and also agility – which is sadly two features that a knife cannot provide.

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Because velvet are relatively bulky objects who only point of precision is in ~ the pointer of their shank, they battle in providing the precise lifting action that is essential to choose locks. The is if they have the right to fit in the keyhole in ~ all.

However, this doesn"t median that velvet are completely worthless tools for choose locks. There space some distinct methods that we deserve to take benefit of to open up a locked door v a knife!

So let"s get into it and also cover five nifty tiny methods on just how to pick a lock through a knife!

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Note: The an initial three techniques in this overview can be considered lock picking, as their goal is come manipulate the internal contents of the lock. However, the critical two room not thought about lock picking, but are instead methods the bypassing that exploit other potential flaws in the lock or door!

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Method 1: Stick and also Wiggle

In timeless lock picking, there are two tools used to pick a lock – a anxiety wrench that uses rotational torque to the lock and a lock choose that manipulates the pins.

In this first method, we room going to try to use the knife as both the tension wrench and also the pick! now to usage this method, the blade of the knife has to be smaller sized than the keyway and also able to fit into the lock without considerably lifting the pins. If this is not the case, you may wish to relocate onto another an approach in this guide.

The goal of Stick and Wiggle is come wiggle the pins up into position – lot like we execute with a rake form of lock pick!

The Step-By-Step

To pick a lock v a knife, begin by inserting your knife as much into the lock as you have the right to – till you feeling the guideline hit the ago of the lock.

Next, use a really light turning force top top the knife just like if you are trying to revolve to a key. This slim rotation ~ above the lock"s core will apply a binding force to the pins and permit us come raise and set them at the shear line – otherwise said, the pins will certainly sit and stay in ~ the height that the correct key would raise castle to.

Now it"s time to wiggle!


Furthermore, the slant that the latch must be facing you so the you leverage it right into the door v your knife!

By simply looking in ~ the door, there room three means that we deserve to determine if this technique can work.

There is no deadbolt: Deadbolts occupational by throwing a metal rod right into the door structure that can only it is in disengaged with the locking mechanism. If the door has a deadbolt, this method will not work.The slant the the latch have to be facing you: In this method, we need to push in the latch v our knife. This deserve to only be excellent if the slant is dealing with us. The best means to determine this is if the hinges that hold the door room on the other side the the door. If lock are, the slant is dealing with you. However, if the hinges space on her side of the door, the next an approach will serve you better!Nothing is restricting friend from getting to the slant: The last necessity is that you can reach the latch with your knife. If there is a ton the molding or steel plates that avoid you indigenous squeezing her blade in between the door and also the frame, this an approach is worthless.

However, if you fulfill all three of this requirements, you"ll likely discover success through this method!

The Step-By-Step

Shimming the latch is extremely an easy and won"t take really long to figure out if that is going to work!

Take your knife, and at the precise height that the doorknob, insert it between the cracked of the door and the doorframe.

Probe about until you feel a hunk of steel extruding out of the door—this is the latch, and it should feel springy!

Leverage your knife and also push the latch right into the door. If over there is no other lock present, the door will certainly swing open!

Easy said, easy done!

Method 5: Jimmy some Bolts

First off, if the hinges of her door room on the outside – that is the side that you usage a key –, you"ve got bigger problems than gift locked out.

While failure happen, having your hinges top top the exterior of her door is an open invitation to countless burglars and also low-lives trying to find a quick and also easy method to accessibility your home. If this represents among your doors, ns would very recommend obtaining this fixed!

Regardless, this an approach of bypassing is exceptionally straightforward but can require a tiny physical effort.

The Step-By-Step

Take your knife and begin to wedge it between the optimal of the bolt and also the base of the hinge.

Slowly and also carefully wiggle the knife till you begin to produce a void underneath the head that the bolt. If you can get the bolt this far and create a remarkable gap, you can safely i think the bolt is loose enough come jimmy the remainder of the way out of the hinge.

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However, before you waste time pulling the an initial bolt entirely out, see if you can even move the various other bolts. If you can efficiently move all three enough to make a gap, then you are likely in the clear and also can obtain to occupational removing them!

One last tip! as you eliminate bolts, more pressure will certainly be inserted on the remaining ones making castle harder to move. So don"t fully remove any of the bolts till they space all virtually out!

Note: it won"t always be feasible to usage a knife come leverage a bolt the end of a hinge. Occasionally these bolts don"t want to move. If you see a ton of corrosion, paint, or various other gunky crap covering the hinge, you may be in for part trouble. Additionally, part bolts are pinned in and also can only be removed with pliers and a hammer.

To Conclude

There you have it! Five different ways to pick a lock through a knife!

While not the finest tool because that the job, a knife is absolutely not the worst and also goes come prove that if you bang your head versus a difficulty long enough, a solution will constantly present itself!

However, a good set of lock picking tools will constantly be significantly far better at getting the task done!

That gift said, simply be mindful not to reduced yourself and have part fun!

If you liked this guide, have any comments or questions, or even have her own method of picking a lock with a knife, litter it under in the comments below!