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Abraxo Cleaner & street Bombs practice Power Armor:

Use the power Armor station (yellow rig) to customize T-51 strength Armor through the Abraxo Cleaner and also Sugar Bombs custom paint.

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In the power Armor mode screen, choose each item of T-51 armor, then choose the 2nd mod slot. This is the ‘Material Mod’ slot in the menu.Here, you’ll uncover the Abraxo repaint Job and the sugar Bombs repaint Job.Both paint work require no crafting contents or special perks.Abraxo increases agility through all pieces of a power Armor set painted.Sugar Bombs rise strength through all pieces of a strength Armor set painted.To acquire the Agility or stamin bonus, you’ll require to have the same paint on every piece of T-51 strength Armor.This includes: Helmet, Left Arm, Left Leg, ideal Arm, appropriate Leg, and also Torso

Where to uncover T-51 strength Armor:

T-51 Armor isn’t exactly typical in the Wasteland. If you’re having trouble finding a set, right here are some places you can explore to collect, purchase, or steal components or whole set.

Note: T-51 strength Armor just spawns dependent on her level. Check these areas only if you’re the required level or higher.

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North the Old phibìc Church top top a military barge. Discovered through a gate managed by a Novice computer terminal. This is a Full set of T-51 Armor.Level Requirement: 20+On the highway overpass above Graygarden. Use the cable lift close to College Square and also backtrack toward Graygarden ~ above the highway to discover a complete set.Level Requirement: 23+Search the cliffs close to the General Atomics Galleria to uncover a full collection of T-51 Armor.Level Requirement: 22+Between Croup Manor and also Lynn Pier Parking, watch on the army barges for a blue shipping container. The full collection is safeguarded behind an advanced Lock door.Level Requirement: 22+The merchant Rowdy in ~ the Atom cats Garage will offer random pieces of T-51 Armor. Sleep or wait until he restocks come find new randomly-selected T-51 pieces.

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