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To gain Palm trees on your island in animal Crossing: new Horizons (ACNH), plant Coconuts in sandy locations like the beach. For more information on Palm Trees and Coconuts, be sure to read this guide!

How to plant Palm Trees

Plant and Grow on Sandy Beaches

Palm Trees grow in sandy areas like the beach. Use your shovel to destruction a hole on the beach and plant a Coconut.

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It takes 4 days because that a Palm Tree come mature and also bear brand-new coconuts.

You have the right to plant coconut tree on sand paths


You have the right to use the Island Designer app to do sandy paths, allowing you to tree Palm tree in areas other than the beach.

How to create Paths

When a Coconut is Planted, It i do not care a Nursery Coconut

Once you"ve planted a Coconut, the will become something dubbed a Nursery Coconut, and also digging it up again will not return the Coconut fruit.

Where to get Coconuts

Find Coconuts on an enig Tour Islands

Coconuts can be uncovered on trees farming on the beaches of mystery Tour islands. Simply go come the Airport v a Nook mile Ticket
to go on a secret Tour.

You can also eat fruit while ~ above the mystery Island to lug the fully-grown tree house with girlfriend instead.

Mystery Island Tour and also Nook miles Ticket Guide

What space Palm trees For?

Coconuts have the right to Be marketed for Bells


Coconuts sell for 250 Bells, which is 150 Bells more than the regional fruit on her island. Us recommend marketing Coconuts together a an excellent way to make money!

Learn how to obtain all the fruit in the game with our guide below and also connect with others in our Fruit commerce board.

How to get All Fruits

Catch rarely Bugs


There room some rarely and an useful bugs that have the right to only be found on Palm Trees, choose the Horned Hercules and also Horned Atlas. Both insects sell for a most Bells therefore be sure to plant some Palm Trees!

The Palm Tree exclusive bugs show up in July and August.

Complete list of Bugs

Use Coconuts because that DIY


Some Items and also Furniture need Coconuts to craft. If there"s other you desire to craft, be sure to conserve some Coconuts.

List that DIY Recipes

Can it is in Eaten


Eating a coconut, like all the other fruits, allows you gain Stamina, enabling you to rest rocks and dig up whole trees.

What Happens when You Eat Fruit?

Get every 3 types of Wood

Like every the other trees in the game, Palm Trees likewise drop all types of Wood when chopped through an axe. Incorporate it through Coconut gathering because that some reliable material collecting!

How to Chop Wood and also Pull increase Trees

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How to obtain Palm trees on her Island

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