Is there any means to get a Google Docs document to encompass its comment in the PDF record that it creates when you click the "print" button?



It doesn"t appear feasible at the moment;

Unfortunately girlfriend cannot print or export comment to PDF in ~ this time

See price here

What is said is exporting her comments as a .doc record (then convert to .pdf possibly ?) which apparently retains the comments.

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Hope this helps.


You have the right to do this as follows, in the Google file click paper > Download as > net page.

Then, open the downloaded document with any type of browser, publish that. At the bottom of the file you will have actually all the comments.



Downloading together Word doc didn"t occupational for me, yet I was able to do it by downloading as a webpage and also that operated perfectly.

I have tested this on linux machine. The work about is download it as an .odt document. Then open it in libreoffice and also then violin it as pdf. Due to the fact that libreoffice is obtainable for windows additionally so my guess is the will occupational for windows also.

After exporting the the comment is visible as an icon whereby you have commented. Watch screenshot below.

Google docs screenshot


Generated pdf screenshot


Comment in comment box


You could use this Chrome extension to take it a multi-page screenshot the the document and print that capture:

Full Page display screen Capture

You have the right to download the Google Doc as a .docx and, in Microsoft Office Word, conserve the .docx record as a PDF. Friend will have comments in the margin that the PDF file.

You deserve to export as .doc and also then from Microsoft Word friend can:

Go to the file tab and click ~ above "Print"Click on arrowhead next to "Print every Pages" under SettingsClick on "Print Markup" (set as confirm if you desire comments, uncheched if you want to hide them)


If girlfriend have access to Microsoft Word, friend can develop a PDF of your Google doc v comments in the margins:

Open your Google doc.Click File, select Download, and also then pick Microsoft native (.docx).Browse to the downloaded Word doc.In Microsoft Word, click the Review tab, and then select the options in Tracking that display comments in the margins. (You deserve to also collection up the file to display screen revision marking as well.)Click the File tab, and also then click Print.On the Printer drop-down menu, click Microsoft publish to PDF. Click Print.Follow the accuse for saving the file. (If PDF file (.pdf) is not accessible under Save as type, you could need to pick All files as the file type and also then name your record with the .pdf extension.)

Your PDF have to now screen comments in the margins.

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Unfortunately, Google Docs doesn"t administer this capability natively, and the adhering to answers all create pdfs that have actually distinctively lacking qualities:

Download together .docx, then using Word to publish to pdf does not print comment author and times.Download together .odt, then making use of LibreOffice to print to pdf cut off comment author names in the margins and also has a low quality appearance.Reviews that the Chrome expansion "Google record with comment printer" report that usage of this extension can delete the comment (!)

A reliable and also high top quality pdf solution for those with accessibility to macOS is come Download together .docx, then usage Pages to View>Show comments Pane (⇧⌘T), then File>Print…> Pages> examine "Print comments".

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It definitely is possible, but it"s clunky! (You"re going come love this