We were at a Christmas event with our polish colleagues when the large event occurred ~ Santa showing up to offer presents to the children ~ when one the our polish colleagues leaned over and also said, “you know, in Poland Santa visits the kids twice. And also he bring presents both times.”

Santa visits twice?

Twice?! i remember as a son being for this reason excited about Santa’s visit that I assumed I would explode. I deserve to only imagine how excited i would’ve been because that two access time from Santa. Happily for my parents, in America Santa just visits once.

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When walk Santa visit in Poland?

Santa’s an initial visit is on St. Nicholas Day, Dec. 6th; his 2nd is top top Christmas Eve, together expected. Santa may be finished v his job-related on Christmas Eve, but the Poles proceed celebrating on Dec. 25th and also 26th.

Poles are really family oriented, therefore is anyone ever before “Home Alone” because that Christmas?

Apparently, lock are. But in this case, ns don’t median “home alone” literally, rather I’m talking around the movie, Home Alone, the 1990 movie through Macaulay Culkin together Kevin McCallister (the polish title is Kevin Sam w Domu, or literally, Kevin Alone in the House). This movie is a perennial holiday favorite in Poland.

Of every the holiday movies ever made, why is Home Alone therefore popular?

The movie was released at the finish of Poland’s communist era and also plucky small Kevin’s (Macaulay) brave stand versus Joe Pesci and Daniel Stern’s bumbling theif resonated with Poles. Also, this movie noted a an excellent look at the product wealth obtainable in the West. For years this movie has actually consistently been a Christmas favorite.

A few holiday words in Polish

Learning a few words in the local language is advantageous and, much more importantly, it’s fun. Poles seem to be by your nature an extremely reserved with world they nothing know, however wish the grocery save cashier a “Wesołych Świąt” and you’ll get a laugh in return.


Christmas trees for sale at the regional grocery save in Słupsk.

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Betsy A. Says

06-Jan-2019 in ~ 20:20:40

St Nick came to our home on Dec sixth as well, when I was a kid, and even a couple of times as soon as my boys were children. We put out a shoe by the door because that St. Nicholas and he left gift in them. Ryan and also I have actually read about Germany’s Christmas industries also; they every sound an extremely festive! some day us would favor to go experience them!

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