Can I watch who favored someone else’s tweets?

Yes. Click a Tweet that has actually likes. Click the variety of likes and also it will popup a perform of those who have actually liked it. You have the right to then go to your profiles or follow them from the list.

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Why perform twitter likes disappear?

Twitter is hiding Likes and RTs due to the fact that it desires you to tweet more. Twitter's prototype Twttr application hides likes and also RTs behind a insanity in a bid come "focus on replies". … on Twttr, the variety of likes, retweets and replies a tweet has received is not immediately displayed.

What walk a exclusive twitter account look at like?

When a Twitter account is private and also you're not complying with it, you deserve to see: The header. … once the human joined Twitter. The tweets, followers, following, likes/favorites counts (you can't open up these, though).

Why can’t I check out someone’s likes on twitter?

Why as soon as I click on likes on who else's tweet can't I view everyone who liked it? There space some Twitter account that are private. … another reason might be the those “hidden” account may likewise have blocked you indigenous seeing your Twitter activities, for some reason.

Is TweetDeck safe?

Ugh. Still, the app is good. But the biggest reason why it's no threat to TweetDeck is the it's clearly meant because that casual Twitter users, if TweetDeck is for power users. TweetDeck lets you arrange her Twitter streams in a row of columns for details people, searches, hashtags, lists, etc.

Can you use TweetDeck on Android?

TweetDeck groups — a feature that lets users share accessibility to Twitter accounts without having actually to share a password — will now work in the Twitter app for iOS and Android. … (Windows customers were directed to usage TweetDeck via the web.) Meanwhile, TweetDeck's Mac app hasn't been updated because mid-2015 top top the Mac application Store.

What’s wrong v my twitter?

If you're having actually trouble through, please try the following steps: try clearing your cache and cookies for your device's mobile browser. You can clear cache and cookies from the settings food selection for your mobile browser. Revolve your phone off for 5 minute to reset the connection.

How deserve to I gain much more followers top top twitter?

Clicking the Retweet link will include that tweet — simply as it appeared originally — to your Twitter feed. However, a human being who has a exclusive profile only has actually the Reply and Favorite options visible. You simply cannot retweet that person's tweets the method you have the right to a windy tweet.

How many tweets deserve to you choose per day?

Using your application you might then traction up a best of 17,280 tweets per day come like. That's a lot smaller limit 보다 our theoretical maximum, however it likewise only consists one application.

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How execute you check out what time someone liked a tweet?

Click on the tweet that has been tweeted. Under the main tweet will be the key tweets time and date. Then click on the retweeters comment. Scroll under to find time and also date.