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and they are obtaining even much more strict once it comes to not utilizing invoices because that charging because that Digital Goods.

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Whatever Invoices make you uncomfortable or not, friend gotta begin using lock if you desire to keep your PayPal and your money. Changes beginning this October 19th.

Honestly ns don’t gain why so plenty of artists room so overwhelmed through invoices, takes simply a couple of clicks to collection up. 

And is no only “oh you have to use invoices because PayPal says so” if you don’t usage invoices you’re putting yourself at danger of gift scammed by an user abusing the buyer’s protection. 

Since PayPal ain’t acquired no idea that what those $50 you received were for, yet the buyer is speak they didn’t got anything for the money, PayPal will just side through the buyer.

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I’m seriously begging ppl, begin using invoices. I’m worn down of see ppl complain your paypal to be banned, or is under investigation, or worse, the $100 they obtained for a very facility commission, 3 month later gain a refund issue. 





for your very own sake. 


Here is how you use invoices since I can’t store playing devil’d advocate, yes I would certainly love to aid you obtain your PayPal restored but simply this critical month I had to assist three persons, and they were more than aware of this issues. 

Just safeguard yourself. 

Step 1. Girlfriend login and also click here


Step 2. You click create new Invoice. YOU never CLICK request MONEY, unless you want to hazard yourself to obtain scamer by buyer’s defense exploit and also not only lose your money but your paypal account, and also any future paypal connected to your irl name. 


Step 3 You monitor this steps


1. Invoice because that amount only

2. Asking your client for their PayPal email and put in the field

3. Add a vague description of what you’re doing, other like “Character Coloured v Background” is good enough, and if you need much more than 1 personality you can form in “2″ wherein it states amount, or just say “2 characters”.

Warning: don’t type in “Naruto rawing Sasuke”. That will get you banned. 

4. Click send. 

Optional steps. Create a template, no take an ext than 10 minutes and it will conserve you a many time because that future invoices, girlfriend can even click on “items” right next to “create invoice” and include a list of solutions you market such as “character sketch” “character flats” in addition to a price, so next time you invoice girlfriend just include to the invoice from her list the items and also you saved yourself some much more time. 

More importantly, you protect yourself native buyer’s defense exploit because if PayPal to know you’re doing digital goods, then you will certainly be enabled that girlfriend did in fact developed a digital good. 

Keep PayPal happy, together for right now there are no alternatives to this service, and also this is the only source of income for numerous freelancers.