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Whether you have actually a king-sized rattan bed or an upholstered full, once it involves packing up her bedroom, disassembling her bed may seem like the most daunting chore. But, through the best tools and some know-how, you can make quick work the it. Follow these tips for packing your bedframe!

Moving supplies You’ll need to Take Apart and Pack her Bedframes

Toolkit through screwdriver and also wrench moving blankets Zip-top baggies or packing file Packing tape permanent black marker

Steps for taking Apart and also Packing your Bedframe because that a Move

1. Get another person come help

Disassembling furniture, specifically a bulky bed frame, is absolutely a two-person job. Space your bedframes make of metal or wood? do some have an enclosed headboard and footboard, or simply a headboard? every bed in your residence may have actually a various configuration, from communication beds, sleigh beds, and also canopy beds to bunk beds and also more. Every little thing the types, be certain to get assist disassembling.

2. Gather your packing supplies

Spread out a moving blanket ~ above the floor so girlfriend can immediately place each item in a defended place together you disassemble the frame. Have actually your device kit, zip-top baggies, pack tape, and also permanent marker ready.

3. Piece the bed

Remove every one of the bedding. If you have time, launder her sheets and also pillowcases, therefore you’ll have actually clean linens when you reassemble and also make your bed in ~ your new house. We administer tips packing her bedding in this section: how to fill Pillows and also Bedding because that Moving.

4. Eliminate the mattress and also box spring

When you remove the mattress and also box spring, either lean it versus a wall or walk ahead and also put it in a mattress bag/box as long as you’re dealing with it. We synopsis the ideal methods to fill your mattress and box spring here: how to fill a Mattress and Box feather for Moving.

5. Remove the headboard and footboard indigenous the bedframe

Bedframes affix to headboards and also footboards in a variety of ways:

Some steel bedframes snap together.
some metal and wood bedframes connect with screws or nuts and bolts.
Some affix with specially-made brackets.

If your bed structure is attached come the headboard and also footboard with screws, usage a driver to remove the screws. If her bedframe connects come the headboard and also footboard v specially do brackets, utilizing a block come jostle the brackets loose can be helpful. If the bed has slats that screw into the bed frame rails, remove those and also stack the slats together.

Place every the screws, nuts, and bolts in a zip-top baggie or wrap lock in a piece of packing record and tape closed. Ar the hardware in different baggies or packages because that each part of the bed frame. Be certain to label so there won’t be any kind of confusion about what go where when you reassemble the bedframe in your new home.

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6. Wrap the headboard, footboard, and also rails in moving blankets

Place the footboard diagonally on the blanket. Wrap the blanket roughly the footboard and also secure it through packing ice cream or movers’ wrap. Usage the same procedure for the headboard, and also then the next rails and slats. Attach each bag that hardware come the corresponding component of the bed, through tape or movers’ wrap. This way, those vital nuts and bolts won’t go missing during the move.