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Another wave of characters is now unlockable because that Call that Duty black color Ops 4’s Blackout video game mode. Along with the likes the Seraph, Firebreak, Nomad, and Ruin, users deserve to now obtain Prophet in Blackout. Getting this character may take a little of time because it’s reliant on both RNG and also your very own skill. While the doesn’t asking the player to carry out a stunner kill, girlfriend will must win your enhance if you desire to unlock him.

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Here is how to unlock Prophet in Call the Duty’s Blackout mode:

1. Obtain the Ocular Prosthetic Item

Your very first task is to acquire the Ocular Prosthetic item indigenous a supply Drop the is dropped from the plane. We haven’t been able to separately confirm if friend can acquire this item native crates that generate on the map. This is completely RNG, yet our squad discovered the Ocular Prosthetic in a prey crate that dropped close to the finish of the match.

Another means to obtain the Ocular Prosthetic is by just killing someone who had it. Like various other character items, you can pick up and also put the Prosthetic right into your perform to start the quest. The best means to hunt for Supply autumn is via a helicopter or ATV because they have the right to cover a many ground fast. Make sure to carry a acting grenade or two so you have the right to cover your looting and also escape.

2. Have 3 Perks energetic When friend Win

In order to unlock Prophet, friend will have to not just win the match however do so through three various perks active. This component of the search is poorly worded, therefore don’t just waste all her Perks prior to the final battle. You have actually to attain victory and have 3 perks going because that this ar to count.

Because that this, if you regulate to obtain the Ocular Prosthetic, we indicate you begin collecting Perks. Once you obtain to the last two or 3 players, pop every one of your perks and try to victory the match. This is actually simpler in squads and also duos since your partners deserve to just suppress the last person until you’re prepared to go for the kill.

We have heard conflict reports because that this step, v some football player stating castle unlocked the by activating their 3 perks earlier in the match. However, us still suggest that girlfriend play that safe and also just activate your three perks once you’re around to win.

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3. Attain Victory

As mentioned above, you need to win the enhance to obtain Prophet in Blackout. This is less complicated said than done and also will come under to your own skill level. If you’re having issues in Solo, think about swapping come Duos or Quads. Remember, you require to have actually three Perks energetic when you success the game otherwise you’ll earn nothing.