Keep getting clobbered by zombies even when you’ve chugged under a Juggernog? desire to do your ideal zombies loadout also stronger? should keep reviving her puny teammate? well Aetherium Crystals might be thesolution all of the abovein call of Duty: black Ops Cold battle zombies.

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Aetherium Crystals room a brand-new currency in the contact of Duty zombies mode and also give football player a possibility to upgrade their weapons, ammo mods, perks, and field upgrades to give them an ext of an advantage against the hordes. Thanks to an update to the upgrade device in Season Two, each class of weapon, ammo mag, perk, and field upgrade has five stages to upgrade to.

Season Two likewise introduced two brand-new types the Aetherium Crystals – Refined and Flawless – which are supplied to upgrade your equipment to tiers four and also five, respectively. To totally max everything you possibly deserve to out right currently in black Ops Cold war zombies, girlfriend will require 168 RawAetherium Crystals,112 RefinedAetherium Crystals, and140 perfect Crystals. This is the maximum quantity you can earn of every type, so when you hit that limit, you’ll avoid earning them in-game.

Aetherium Crystals aren’t easy to come by though, and also getting them – particularly the new high-rarity persons – have the right to be tough. So exactly how do you earn them, what upgrades are there, and if girlfriend haven’t acquired the time to grind and earn all of them, where need to you invest her Aetherium Crystals?

How to gain Aetherium Crystals in black color Ops Cold war Zombies

Here we’re going to walk through just how to earn each type of Aetherium Crystal, and also how they’re used to upgrade your loadout.

Raw Aetherium Crystals

There are right now three ways to earn constant Aetherium Crystals in black Ops Cold war zombies.

The an initial is to complete milestone rounds throughout a zombies operation on die Maschine and also Firebase Z. This milestone rounds space every 5 rounds from round ten onwards. The quantity of crystals you earn because that each milestone round does vary, so here’s a chart reflecting you how many you’re intended to get at the finish of every milestone round.

Aetherium CrystalsCompleted milestone rounds
110, 15, 20, 25
230, 35
340, 45
450, 55
560, 65
670, 75
780, 85
890, 95
9100, climate every five rounds after

Note the the amount can sometimes fluctuate from the figures presented in the chart above and there room instances the players gaining one extra or one less crystal than expected once completing a milestone round. The is not at this time clear why these discrepancies happen.

The crystals additionally stack together you go v a zombies run, so if friend reach ring 21 for example, you would have earned 3 crystals in complete for hitting milestones at 10, 15, and also 20.


The second method is v exfils, which permit you to end your zombies run by jumping aboard a chopper and also leaving the undead behind.

Similarly come milestone rounds, you will be forgive a specific amount of crystals relying on which ring you exfil on. Because that example, a round 31 exfil must award you two crystals, together you have passed the round 30 milestone. However, exfil crystal drop rates have been found to be a bit much more random and also can occasionally drop far below what friend expect.

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Another an approach to earn crystals is with completing theDie Maschine easter egg. However, this is very time consuming, so isn’t an efficient means to grind because that crystals.

Finally, life Aetherium Crystals will likewise drop because that each round you finish in the brand-new Outbreak zombies mode, which was added in Season Two. Us have much more on how many you have the right to earn more down this guide.

Refined Aetherium Crystals and also Flawless Aetherium Crystals

Upgrading a piece of gear in black Ops Cold war zombies to Tier 4 will set you ago four sleek crystals, and also upgrading to Tier 5 will expense five flawless crystals. So exactly how do you obtain them?

Refined and Flawless crystals deserve to drop at high ring in existing zombies maps dice Maschine and also Firebase Z, however we’re however to obtain the main drop rates just yet.

However, together with the raw crystals, Refined and Flawless Aetherium Crystals will additionally drop at the finish of high rounds of Outbreak. We’re see slight sport in drop rates from our playthroughs, however you can see our result below.

Outbreak Aetherium crystal Rewards

At the end of each completed ring of Outbreak, you will get some Aetherium Crystals. The greater the round, the an ext of each form you will certainly get.

This isn’t precise science, and after comparing our drop prices with that of zombies streamers, the lot of crystals you acquire can vary. However, listed below is a table mirroring the stormy formula, based on gameplay indigenous ‘NoahJ456’.

Outbreak round completedRawRefinedFlawless
Round 11
Round 211
Round 3111
Round 4111
Round 5211
Round 6221
Round 7222
Round 8322
Round 9432
Round 10 (and every round after)432

How perform I invest Aetherium Crystals in black color Ops Cold war zombies?

Aetherium Crystals deserve to be supplied to upgrade whatever in your best zombies loadout in Cold War. To watch what upgrades you can spend your crystals on, walk to the loadout tab in the zombies lobby menu, then to skills, and then to among the 4 categories the upgrades: weapon classes, field upgrades, perks, or ammo mods.

Each upgradeable items or course hasfive update tiers. The listed below table mirrors how numerous of each crystal you have to upgrade a item of equipment to every tier.

TierAetherium Crystals needed
11 life Aetherium Crystal
22 RawAetherium Crystals
33 RawAetherium Crystals
44 RefinedAetherium Crystals
55 flawless Aetherium Crystals

To fully upgrade whatever in black color Ops Cold war Zombies best now, you will certainly need168 Raw, 112 Refined, and also 140 flawless crystals.


Best Aetherium Crystals weapon class upgrades

Each course of weapon in black Ops Cold War can be upgraded using Aetherium Crystals to aid you in zombie runs.

Most of the upgrades are rather similar, ranging from damages increases to unlocking extra attachment slot for part classes that weapon. If you’re feather to make the finest Cold battle zombies weapons also better, us recommend investing crystals into the shotgun, melee, and assault rifle classes first.

Note that choose in multiplayer, weapon classes will unlock and also be easily accessible for upgrades at specific player levels. The final weapon class, melee, is unlocked at level 50.

Best Aetherium Crystals field upgrade upgrades

As well as tweaking your guns, girlfriend can also upgrade thesix zombies-specific ar upgrades in black color Ops Cold War: Frenzied Guard, Frost Blast, power Mine, Aether Shroud, heal Aura, and also Ring of Fire.

While numerous of the weapon class upgrades were quite similar across the board, Aetherium Crystals have the right to be used to radically adjust your field upgrades in a number of ways. Because that those looking to go on long, high-round runs, we recommend maxing out either Aether Shroud for acquiring out the tricky spots, or Ring of Fire to help take down the tanky bosses.


Best Aetherium Crystals perk upgrades

The seven currently easily accessible perks in black Ops Cold war zombies can all it is in upgraded to it is in even much more useful through your Aetherium Crystals.

While every perk has its uses, the upgrades on market for Juggernog and also Stamin-Upare ones girlfriend should certainly pay close attention to.

A totally upgraded Juggernog will view your max health increase by 100 and will allow you to pick up more armour as soon as you uncover it as ground loot. Meanwhile, a maxed outStamin-Up can enable you come sprint for a nice much countless time, all while making use of your weapons or ar upgrades.

Aetherium Crystals ammo mod upgrades

Ammo mods have the right to be super valuable in black color Ops Cold battle zombies to give your favourite weapon an extra kick. Making use of Aetherium Crystals, you deserve to make their effects even more powerful through upgrading them.

The specific upgrades are relatively self-explanatory – they basically make the advantage of having the ammo mod far stronger or last for a longer period of time.


If you have actually a favourite go-to ammo mod, girlfriend should absolutely spend some crystals in making it much stronger. However, if you’re short on crystals, friend should definitely invest lock in upgrading weapon classes, perks, and also field upgrades an initial in our humble opinion.

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That’s every on Aetherium Crystals because that now. If they deserve to be hard to come by, grinding Outbreak in Season 2 is definitely the way forward to offer your gear a genuine boost.

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