5 Inspirations Hunter X Hunter took From Yu Yu Hakusho (& 5 aspects That Are totally Unique) Yu Yu Hakusho and also Hunter X Hunter are both remarkable works through Yoshihiro Togashi. There space both clean similarities and differences between the two.

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Yusuke Urameshi from Yu Yu Hakusho and Gon Freecss native Hunter X Hunter
as soon as watching Yu Yu Hakusho and also Hunter X Hunter next by side, fans can see where Yoshihiro Togashi attracted inspiration because that the latter. City hall Yusuke Urameshi and Gon Freecss go on their remarkable adventures is a rollercoaster complete of happiness, sadness, and also pain. With inspiring worlds and characters, both mirrors deserve their own praise.

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Taking a step ago to admire Togashi"s occupational exhibits just how comparable (and how very unique) the story are. As people collide with these 2 shows, fans room left in awe of how impressive Togashi is together a world and also character builder.

Hiei Yusuke Kurama Kuwabara Yu Yu Hakusho
there is no denying the both Yusuke and also Gon create their own unique groups out of i can not qualify friends. The audience initially meets Kuwabara, Hiei, and Kurama as opponents for Yusuke. However these four unexpectedly bond and also realize the household they have actually within every other.

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In Hunter X Hunter, Gon meets Leorio, Kurapika, and also Killua in the Hunter Exam. Due to the fact that the audience meets these characters early in the series, they watch the friendships develop and also grow.

Yusuke together delinquent and Gon as great boy
Yusuke is for sure a "rough about the edges" character, when Gon is the meaning of a "good boy." Yusuke repetitively gets into trouble with the principal, says with Keiko, and is fear by his partner at school.

Gon, on the other hand, is the island"s favourite boy. He listens come Aunt Mito, follows the rules, and also brings a pleasant presence wherever that goes. Together young boys, your outlooks on the civilization are an extremely different from every other. But Yusuke and also Gon"s personalities enable Togashi to present challenges specifically crafted because that them individually.

gon and killua in greed island
A virtual game coming to life is an interesting facet introduced in the Chapter black color Saga the Yu Yu Hakusho. Yusuke meets Gamemaster, or Tsukihito Anamuna, who has actually the power to carry the videogame Goblin City to life. Yusuke and also his friends must complete a collection of challenges prior to they development to the next stage.

Similarly, Gon and also Killua additionally enter a video clip game. Greed Island is developed by Gon"s dad, Ging, and also his friends. The challenge of perfect the game so Gon have the right to learn more about his dad is one he gladly accepts.

7 UNIQUE: Yusuke"s Fighting Frenzies and Gon"s Searching

Yusuke using soul gun Yu Yu Hakusho
Yusuke"s spirit Detective occupational is constantly top him come one struggle after another. Every instance presents its own trouble with the balance that the Demon World and Human human being on Yusuke"s shoulders.

Since the storyline of Yu Yu Hakusho depicts Yusuke together a fighter, seeing him jump into activity doesn"t often come together a surprised to the audience. The fight scene in Hunter X Hunter are not uncommon, but they are not the facility of Gon"s story. Instead, Gon is a passive adversary who just chooses to fight as soon as absolutely necessary.

if the powers in Yu Yu Hakusho and Hunter X Hunter are different, the foundation is similar. Both universes have personalities with mythological abilities making use of the energy from a person"s life force. Yu Yu Hakusho primarily uses the concept of heart energy and demon energy.

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Similarly, Hunters in Hunter X Hunter also use a kind of life energy called Nen. Gon"s Jajanken is strikingly comparable to Yusuke"s Spirit-Gun, both that which need enormous quantities of energy from their own life forces.

5 UNIQUE: Yusuke"s Never-Ending list Of Enemies

In every arc, Yusuke makes brand-new enemies. Once he defeat an opponent, there isn"t much downtime before the next one appears. Yusuke also struggles with balancing his life as a heart Detective and his life together a regular boy.

Hunter X Hunter, however, has enemies who do appearances continuously over assorted arcs. For example, Illumi and Hisoka are considerable foes because that Gon and Killua. And since the takes time to train and also improve, Hisoka and also Illumi room a danger to Gon and also Killua for multiple seasons.

The troubled side characters of Hunter X Hunter and Yu Yu Hakusho have unmistakable parallels. The injured legend Bandit Yoko Kurama areas himself within the newborn baby, Shuichi Minamino. Because of this, the boy struggles with accepting the two personalities within himself. Kurapika also struggles through self-acceptance as he holds onto the trauma of being the single surviving member that the Kurta Clan.

But Kurama and also Kurapika aren"t the only comparable side characters. Hiei and Killua likewise present parallels in ~ their family members dynamics, the struggles with their tremendous powers, and also understanding the their friends are there for them.

3 UNIQUE: The begin Of Yusuke"s and Gon"s Journeys

Yusuke and Gon begin their journeys for distinct reasons. Yusuke isn"t truly given an alternative to speak no to ending up being a spirit Detective. See demons ~ coming earlier to life thrusts a responsibility to safeguard the Human world on him. Gon, on the various other hand, is anticipating his journey.

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The Hunter exam is just the very first step because that Gon to end up being closer to his dad and, eventually, uncover him. Yusuke didn"t mean his life to readjust drastically the day he helps the child, however Gon eagerly awaits the work he lastly starts his journey.

Sensui is a fascinating character in the Yu Yu Hakusho universe since he starts as a spirit Detective as with Yusuke. As a heart Detective, Sensui struggles to find a middle ground between pure great and evil.

In Hunter X Hunter, Meruem too battles with finding the balance in his life. Both totally believe their paths are correct in eliminating the person race. Though their reasonings are various for this, lock both take similar approaches to accomplish their goals.

1 UNIQUE: living In A genuine Or fictitious World

The areas of Yu Yu Hakusho and Hunter X Hunter are crucial in developing the significance of these worlds. Yu Yu Hakusho takes place in the person World and also the Demon World. If this is a fictitious universe, the setting and attributes of the Human world make it feeling all too real.

Togashi create an eerie environment in Yu Yu Hakusho by placing demons and also humans side by side. Hunter X Hunter, ~ above the various other hand, create a distinctly fictional civilization from the beginning. No issue where Gon end up, there"s always a fantastical facet solidifying the obstacle between the audience and Gon"s world.

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