„I could have quite literally snogged until the cows came home. And also when they came house I would have actually shouted, "WHAT have actually YOU COWS COME house FOR? CAN'T YOU check out I'M SNOGGING, you STUPID HERBIVORES???“

— Louise Rennison british writer 1951 - 2016

Source: ~ above the glowing Side, I'm currently the girlfriend of a Sex God

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„Despotic governments can was standing 'moral force' it spins the cows come home; what they are afraid is physics force.“

— George Orwell English author and journalist 1903 - 1950


„Home is whereby you dance v others, and dancing is life.“


„Cornelia would certainly not be completely surprised if she witnessed the grazing cow start tap dancing, lap dancing, or whatever quantum heaviness might reason cows come do.“

— João Magueijo Portuguese scientist 1967

pg. 249Faster than the speed of Light


„I come from Illinois, corn country. There are so numerous kinds of corn up over there they have to number them. You'd be driving down the highway, you'll see BX65, don't mix the up v XL29, girlfriend know, something, blah-blah-blah. Yet I'll tell girlfriend what, folks, you deserve to crossbreed your corn from currently till the cows come home, and you'll constantly get corn. You'll never gain a hamster, or a tomato or a whale to thrive on that corn stalk, okay?“

— Kent Hovind American young planet creationist 1953

100 Reasons advancement is therefore Stupid! (2001)


„In the town where i live, in Sussex, we made our bonfire in the Vicarage paddock and every year, as soon as it was lit, the Vicar's cow would begin to dance. She danced if the flames increased up to the sky, she danced it rotates the ashes to be black and cold. And the following morning — that was always the very same — the Vicar would have no milk because that his breakfast. It is strange come think the a straightforward cow rejoicing in ~ the saving of parliament so countless years ago.“

— P. L. Travers, book Mary Poppins opens up the Door

NOTEMary Poppins opens up the Door (1943)

„And everything comes to One,As we dance on, dance on, run on.“

— Theodore Roethke, publication The much Field

Once More, the Round," ll. 11-12The far Field (1964)Context: p>And i dance with William BlakeFor love, because that Love's sake;And everything pertains to One,As we dance on, dance on, dance on.Dance
Sun, Star, Home, Way
Dance, Sleep, Home, Life
Thinking, Way
Home, Way, Dreams
Daughters, Home
Thinking, Drink, Guy
Home, Love

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