No. I’m no going to death myself. But very first I’d choose to say the I had actually no idea where to placed this short article so I finished up v this sub.

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Basically nearly like one old person about to die. I am agree to death. Once I execute things i don’t look at it by mine survival price I simply do it. Favor drugs. I have never even thought to deliberately take too numerous pills to death myself. I’m simply kind the ignorant to the fact that I might die.


“Death is before me today: prefer the restore of a ailing man, favor going forth right into a garden after sickness.

Death is before me today: favor the smell of myrrh, choose sitting under a sail in a good wind.

Death is prior to me today: prefer the food of a stream, choose the return of a man from the war-galley to his house.

Death is prior to me today: choose the residence that a man longs come see, after ~ years invested as a captive.”

― Neil Gaiman, Preludes & Nocturnes

Actually not composed by Neil Gaiman yet rather quoted indigenous a poem hundreds of years old.

There is likewise a song called "The male who love Beer" which quotes the exact same poem, a good song.

thats pretty ok through me. I provided to no feel anything about dying, but then i witnessed that wold movie through liam neeson and the guy died kinda slowly due to the fact that he was bleeding out after the crash and he to be talking around a warmth blanket washing end you and also it made me afraid for part reason. Still haunts me til this day.

I’m the same method and nobody gets it! i told mine friends when that if someone held a gun to my head ns wouldn’t care and it freaked them all out. I’m not going the end seeking death or hazard I simply don’t care if it concerns me.

We the very same fam. Lmao ns was talking to mine friend about if i joined a gang. And also he to be talking around if I obtained a gun to my head i would shed my shit and he still doesn’t think me that i wouldn’t care. Ns would shot to safeguard myself yet I i will not ~ be scared to die.

Disconnect and also self destruct one cartridge at a time. What's her rush now? Every one will have actually his day come die.

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I feel the very same way. Maybe since my life is too boring and nobody urges me ~ above anything. I check out here and there that we should learn to encourage ourselves yet I can’t seem to perform it.

To me it is the only cautious attitude. Yes sir absolutely no suggest in fearing the which is both natural and inevitable. It was in the contract we signed to it is in born:

“Do you accept the loan of one life, through the expertise that it will certainly be withdrawn ~ a period not come exceed 100 years and may be cancelled there is no notice? authorize here: _____”