“If Raymond Chandler were reincarnated together a novelist in south Florida, the couldn’t nail it any far better than john Dufresne.”—Carl Hiaasen

John Dufresne has actually been compliment by the New York Times as “an original talent . . . feeling is frightfully dark, but . . . Dazzling.” I Don’t choose Where This Is Going continues the misadventures that therapist-on-the-run Wylie “Coyote” Melville. Wylie has actually witnessed a mrs falling to her fatality outside the Luxor Hotel. Troubled by the taking place cover-up, he i do not care a guy on a mission, enlisting the help of his old friend, one ace map player and also master magician, to assist find answers. The duo’s escapades range from poker tables come desert highways, from bordellos to kid beauty pageants, resulting in a thoroughly satisfying and hilarious whodunit.

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About the Author

John Dufresne is the writer of eleven ahead books, including three fiction creating guides. A professor in the MFA routine at Florida global University, he lives in Dania Beach.

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Editorial Reviews

Publishers Weekly

"This crime-noir book is choose nothing you’ve ever before read—an existential an enig story about exploitation and also indifference, around illusion and hope."

Debra Monroe

"This is going come be funny to say: ns really did choose I Don"t like Where This Is Going…and I favored where the went, every page; the is a top-shelf delight."

Ron Carlson

"What has actually happened in Vegas has actually not stayed in las vegas at all, but has instead wound up in man Dufresne’s brilliant new send-up that the crime thriller, I Don’t favor Where This Is Going. Therefore the title says, too ~ reader, however you room going to favor where this publication goes, a lot."

Les Standiford

"I can promise the you won’t read another novel this year (or any type of year) that contains a rocket launcher attack on a brothel and also a parade that somber Kafkas lining a las vegas strip. Really, friend don’t want to miss this one."

Ed Falco

"Happiness is a new Wylie Coyote novel! ns laughed and shuddered in equal measure, yet I also drooled together Wylie eats his method through the story. Fitting then to quote Anthony Bourdain, who said of Vegas: ‘See the complete spectrum of human folly and commit part follies of her own.’ The exact same is true the this delightful novel."

Ann Hood

"Wylie Melville’s odyssey with Las las vegas is a funny, quirky expedition that will store you reading. The title says it all."

James O. Born

"The secret hooks you, and also the dialogue, quick and jazzy and also funny together Elmore Leonard, keeps the line taut. Man Dufresne is among America’s ideal writers, and also there doesn’t seem to be anything the can’t do."

James Magnuson

"Nothing is an ext fun than analysis a john Dufresne novel, and I couldn’t be more pleased the he’s turned his excellent mind to crime. This publication deserves that is comparisons come Chandler and MacDonald, however it finds a lot more gallows feeling in Wylie Coyote’s violent, darkly fascinating world. Very entertaining. Girlfriend won’t placed it down till you’re done, and then you’ll desire more."

Brad Watson