Cole payment homage to infamous B.I.G who uttered the exact same lines ~ above “Runnin' (Dying come Live)” featuring 2Pac, wherein Biggie raps:

Check it, I flourished up a fuckin' screw-up Got presented to the game, got a ounce and fuckin' go out up

His mother was addicted come cocaine and also he had actually an abusive drunk stepfather – Cole knew what struggling to be like:

Worst are afraid going broke ‘cause I’m poor with money. Crooked smile nigga momma never had actually the money

Wearing his older brother’s equipment was just one more day for lil olde Jermaine.

","markdown":"Cole ( that uttered the very same lines top top <"Runnin' (Dying to Live)">( special <2Pac>(/artists/2pac), whereby Biggie raps: >Check it, I prospered up a fuckin' screw-up Got presented to the game, obtained a ounce and fuckin' blew up His ( and he had an ( - Cole knew what struggling to be like: >(1847016) ( to be just an additional day because that lil olde Jermaine."},"comment_count":1,"community":true,"created_at":1417607722,"custom_preview":null,"deleted":false,"embed_content":"I thrived up, a fucking screw up, tie my shoes up great they to be newer, damn, require something newer― J. Cole – 03' Adolescence","has_voters":true,"id":4476671,"needs_exegesis":false,"pinned":false,"proposed_edit_count":1,"pyongs_count":null,"referent_id":4476671,"share_url":"","source":null,"state":"accepted","twitter_share_message":"“Cole pays homage to notorious B.I.G who uttered the very same lines ~ above “Runnin' (Dying come Live)” featuring 2P…” —

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Connects through J Cole’s communist criticisms.

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Needing more recent things is a product that communist culture and pressure.

","markdown":"Connects through J Cole's communist criticisms. Needing more recent things is a product of communist society and pressure."},"created_at":1613236349,"has_voters":true,"id":8379663,"pinned_role":null,"votes_total":-8,"current_user_metadata":"permissions":<>,"excluded_permissions":<"vote","accept","reject","mark_spam","integrate","archive","destroy">,"interactions":"vote":null,"anonymous_author":null,"author":"_type":"user","about_me_summary":"J Cole fan. Mom’s love me","api_path":"/users/12936403","avatar":"tiny":"url":"","bounding_box":"width":16,"height":16,"thumb":"url":"","bounding_box":"width":32,"height":32,"small":"url":"","bounding_box":"width":100,"height":100,"medium":"url":"","bounding_box":"width":300,"height":400,"header_image_url":"","human_readable_role_for_display":null,"id":12936403,"iq":115,"is_meme_verified":false,"is_verified":false,"login":"STMB4446","name":"STMB4446","role_for_display":null,"url":"","current_user_metadata":"permissions":<>,"excluded_permissions":<"follow">,"interactions":"following":false,"reason":"_type":"comment_reason","context_url":"","display_character":"M","handle":"Missing something","id":3,"name":"missing-something","raw_name":"missing something","requires_body":false,"slug":"missing_something"},"verified_by":null}>}}">