I dislike it when Voldemort uses my shampoo there is no asking, the never offers it back and I have to buy a new bottle. I can't bought this! What carry out I do???

OK so here's what ns did. I've had the specific same problems. Therefore whatchu wanna do is buy the baby fruity shampoo rather of what you typically get. Voldemort no that stuff. He'll protect against stealing your shampoo and also leave you alone, climate you have the right to start using your regular shampoo after around a month. If he comes back, use arrangement b. Shotgun. Hope this helped :3


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voldemort has actually a crippling are afraid of walruses, make sure you constantly shower through one and also keep it near your shampoo
These guys are obviously noobs, What you desire to carry out is walk to her nearest medicine dealer and also ask because that the "good stuff" he'll offer you a bag that blue rocks, placed those in your shampoo bottles, as soon as he offers them he'll have actually an ever growing fear of mount Everest, following vacation friend take through him, say you're going to Japan, but actually take it him to mountain Everest, by the time you acquire to the top, he'll realise you're not in Japan and also he'll explode. Tip: once he explodes put goggles on, Voldemort organs are difficult to clean off.

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This might sound a bit far-fetched, yet have girlfriend tried substituting her shampoo through fruit? I've heard that it both keeps Voldemort from utilizing it and acts as a pretty grape hair cleaner.Or you could just tell him to confront the harsh reality that that doesn't have actually hair. Just give him a mirror and tell him. Err… you deserve to have this one if girlfriend want. I don't really require it… or desire it anywhere near me…
It's just in slightly worse condition than from whenever this picture was taken… and by the I typical the whole front is shattered… an excellent riddanceBut it should still perform the trick… hopefully
Walk into the basement whereby the water tube are. Smack his underwear 15 times versus them until a cosmic cat comes and also rips turn off the water pipe. Mix mayo and also ketchup then pour it in and tape it back together v coca cola. As voldemort steps right into the shower leave a follow of girl scout cookie to the toilet. Together he eats the toilet poll for obama. One earthquake will occur causing mayo and ketchup to run in a sombrero because that 15 minutes. If hes distracted have actually hilter steal his nutella. Voldemort will notice and chase after him. As soon as voldemort comes back out that breath, get the vacuum and chase him the end of your parents basement forever. Voldemort will move to mexico come steal various other peoples shampoo.
I walk this, however I to be unable to poll for Obama! that didn't work, and also he stole my basement and sombrero too!
Everyone right here is one idiot. As soon as he comes, merely pour out the shampoo in his face. He will certainly be too tramatized to continue.
Everyone below is one idiot. Once he comes, simply pour the end the shampoo in his face. He will certainly be too tramatized to continue.
Spidey, Violence isn't the answer come everything. Simply most things. Also if he doesn't desire to share the shampoo to win him over the head v it. That functioned for me.

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Apparently Voldemort is invulnerable come anything I've done. Uh... Everything from... 44 handguns, to AK-47s, come M1-A1 Abrams, to ICBMs, come rituals, come pepper spray, come dank memes, come ponies, come 60 year old+ ship dancing.
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