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"Body favor a ago Road" is a tune co-written and also recorded by American singer Sam Hunt. It was released to nation radio, by MCA Nashville top top February 2, 2017 as the an initial single native his upcoming 2nd studio album. The tune is composed by Hunt, Zach Crowell, Shane McAnally and Josh Osborne. It to be released come American hot adult contemporary radio on April 3, 2017, ending up being his second crossover solitary promoted to a pop music format. The track is Hunt"s most successful song to date. It broke two documents within a month the one another; in early on June 2017, the tune was the longest running number one due to the fact that Leroy valve Dyke"s "Walk top top By" 55 years earlier. With 20 weeks in ~ number one on the Billboard Hot country Songs chart – this do Hunt the solo country artist with the 2nd longest run at the height of the 59-year old Hot nation Songs chart. (Hank Snow"s, "I"m relocating On" invested 21 weeks). The song broke records again in late July 2017, becoming the just song in the background of the Hot country Songs graph to remain at number one for much more than 24 weeks, a record formerly held because 2012 through Florida Georgia Line"s "Cruise". The song has actually spent a complete of 34 main on peak of the Hot country Songs chart. Additionally, the song peaked in ~ number six on the us Billboard hot 100, coming to be Hunt"s highest-charting single, and also his an initial top 10 single overall, on the chart. Through this peak, the song became the highest-charting country song ~ above the us Billboard warm 100 since "Cruise" through Florida Georgia Line, which got to number four in 2013.more »

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Got a girl from the south side, got braids in she hairFirst time I seen her to walk by, man I "bout fell off my chairHad to gain her number, it took me like six weeksNow me and also her go means back choose Cadillac seatsBody like a ago road, drivin" through my eyes closedI understand every curve choose the back of mine handDoin" 15 in a 30, i ain"t in no hurryI"mma take it it slow just as fast as ns canThe means she to the right in castle blue jeans, she don"t require no beltBut I deserve to turn them inside out, i don"t need no helpGot hips like honey, for this reason thick and also so sweetIt ain"t no curves choose hers on them downtown streetsBody choose a ago road, drivin" with my eyes closedI know every curve prefer the earlier of mine handDoin" 15 in a 30, ns ain"t in no hurryI"mma take it it slow just as fast as ns canWe"re out here in the boondocksWith the breeze and the birdsTangled increase in the high grassWith my lips ~ above hersOn the highway to heavenHeaded southern of she smileGet there as soon as we obtain thereEvery customs is a mileBody like a back road, drivin" with my eyes closedI understand every curve like the ago of my handDoin" 15 in a 30, ns ain"t in no hurryI"mma take it it slow simply as fast as i canI"mma take it it slowJust as rapid as i can(Body favor a ago road)(Drivin" through my eye closed) got braids in her hair(I know every curve favor the earlier of my hand)

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Sam hunt Sam Lowry hunt (born December 8, 1984) is one American singer and songwriter. Born in Cedartown, Georgia, Hunt played football in his high school and also college years and also once attempted to go after a expert sports career before signing through MCA Nashville in 2014.Prior come his effective solo career, hunt was attributed for composing singles because that Kenny Chesney, Keith Urban, Billy Currington, and also Reba McEntire.

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His debut studio album, Montevallo, damaged several chart documents with 5 singles spawned indigenous the record, consisting of three continuous Hot country Songs chart and four country Airplay chart number ones. The lead solitary from the album, "Leave the Night On", peaked concurrently on the Hot nation Songs and also Country Airplay charts, making hunting the an initial country a… more »