But the air was awkward like a required blind dateYou broke the silence by saying you’ve uncovered a good manThanks to the I gain to have a friend dubbed plain Soju todaySoju…probably the cheapest way to acquire drunk… Only about a dollar per bottle and also 20% alcohol. Offered in convenience stores everywhere Korea, and also legal to drink in public.

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Is our relationship really broken?The wound that had been healing slightly opens again at your expressionWe offered to be favor fire together one time, yet now we circulation away prefer waterAlready, the spring hides meBut you still walk the winter.

Come to that place,If you’re not busy.Come to the place,You’re my favourite girl.Come to the place.I can not know, but…Again, I finish up only thinking the you, girlBaby, I…..You concerned have nothing, nothing to do with meBut girlfriend still seem for this reason well, girl.You, so annoyingly, again therefore annoyinglyYou quiet seem so pretty, girl.You concerned have nothing, nothing to execute with meBut friend still seem therefore well, girl.Again, I finish up only thinking of you, girlBaby, I….

What space you doing this days?I was curious, yet the “likes” are shiningWhy did ns think that you, that is living so well without me?I only feel more patheticYeah, much more pathetic.To have met you due to the fact that of past memories,I to be a bastard the let my guard downbastard? punk? just mildly self-deprecating.Our relationship has actually fallen come the floor thereAgain, today, ns pathetically push on the “like”

Come to the place,If you’re no busy.Come to the place,You’re my favorite girl.Come to that place.I might not know, but…Again, I end up only thinking that you, girlBaby, I…..

BONUS:Meaning behind 3Jfrom the party, beginning at 47:29 of the BTS home Party

JH: We had a pointer (for the name)RM: What?JH: Triple J. JJJRM: how about Sam(3) J?Suga: Isn’t Sam Jae good? Sam Jae.RM: Yeah. It’s good. 

3 Jae/sam jae = based on old myth/zodiac calendar, it is believed that specific years will give you 3 misfortunes, cycle every 9 years……Jae = misfortune.3 Jae = 3 misfortunes.

Suga: (points come JH) 1st Jae, (points come JM) 2nd Jae, (points to JK) you’re 3 Jae.JK: get out..JH: you re welcome go far quickly..Jin: Fine. We’ll go.RM: We’ll go. 3 Jae..Caption: the members leave, after having thrown 3 Jae in ~ them.



JK: 3 Jae isn’t too negative either…. Let’s it is in 3 J (3 Jae-ie). It has a little of an eastern feel.  Sam (3) Jae-ie, in Korean. JH: My only wish is that we won’t end up with 3 Jae-ie.


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^^No wonder the members constantly tease JH because that making predictions that constantly go in opposite way…