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AUSTIN MAHONE sommos.net - all I ever NeedYou know I'm always right by her side. Watch I've ... Friend don't understand how much girlfriend really median to me ... I think you're perfect, baby, even with your flaws
JUSTIN TREVINO - IF I ever before NEED A LADY sommos.netI think you're perfect, baby, even with your flaws. Girlfriend ask what ns like about you. Oh, i love that all. You're all I ever before need (all I ever need) Baby, you're amazing
JUSTIN BIEBER text - ns WouldBaby, i would, baby, I would certainly ... I would develop a doorway to the sky and hand friend the keys, yeah. ... You obtained your flaws and so do I, past lovers that made friend cry
G-UNIT text - Wanna gain To know You
I really wanna crap you, baby. One sheep ... Ns think we make a perfect pair ... Think im'a be chasin' the chicken head you very own somethin' ... If you come outside you know it's on (holla at her boy) ... Mink coats Italian shoes stones v no flaws
J. COLE sommos.net - Crooked Smilesommos.net to "Crooked Smile" track by J. COLE: also though I... On my way, on mine way, ... And also baby girl you're a star, don't allow 'em tell girlfriend you're not. Currently is the real?
KEVIN entrances sommos.net - Perfect
Imperfectionsommos.net come "Perfect Imperfection" song by KEVIN GATES: i wear mine emotions on my sleeve you understand what ... From a scooter through a ruger ns don't think he also need a limit ... Ns ain't tryna hit her cup, nigga, execute you ... Have the right to we go half on a baby?
Jeremih - Love Don't readjust sommos.net and also I simply don't want you to leaving me, even tho I offer you reasons. 'Cause baby sometimes, I deserve to tell simply by her face. This component of us been gone because that so long.
TWENTY88 sommos.net - speak ShowYeah, right baby. Appropriate ... Because when friend think it's there, it's currently moving ... And also all her friends roughly you shot to obtain their appearance increase ... Thinking how we an alleged to organize each various other down if us can't even hold on a conversation
CONOR MAYNARD text - HelloTo tell girlfriend I'm sorry for breaking your heart. Yet it don't matter it ... But even then every I might think of to be you and also me. My friends tells ... Cause I know that nobody's perfect but I'm perfect because that you. And also girl ... I recognize that I had my flaws. Yet I gave all...
BRANDY text - CamouflageAnd god knows i ain't perfect. Call me that ... These flaws I've got. There every ... Since baby girlfriend ain't worth it. I've got to ... Not even fifty percent way come destiny. Yet I'm a...
JOE BUDDEN sommos.net - all of Mesommos.net come "All that Me" tune by JOE BUDDEN: I offer you my all.. Yet it seems prefer that's not enough ... As soon as I got it shit wasn't also cool to me ... I wish you every the best throughout the remainder of her career". ... I think my life bad, pickin up the pieces
Pink - Perfect
text sommos.net come 'Perfect' by Pink: Pretty, pretty you re welcome If friend ever, ever feel prefer ... Change the voices in her head ... This is an amazing inspirational song I also got some awesome text for mine ... I've done all I have the right to think of ... Oh baby pretty please.
EMINEM sommos.net - bad GuyAnd to think I provided to think you to be the shit, bitch ... Matthew Mitchell, bitch, I even have your initials ... Perfect time to have actually some remorse to present for her sin
KALIN and also MYLES text - Love RobberyOK the sunlight was setting; it was photo perfect once I met her. She had actually me reasoning her and also I to be gonna it is in together. Forever? ... Like bow, struggle you through that one shoot ... And also then she'll dip prefer it never even happened ... My infant on the run.
MAC MILLER sommos.net - Objects In The Mirrorsommos.net come "Objects In The Mirror" tune by MAC MILLER: deserve to you turn the win up? ... And also I to be thinking around her all the moment ... You have the right to open up her eyes or you deserve to walk in remote ... Baby, you and me ... Don't even say you about to finish it all
TORI KELLY text - Unbreakable Smilesommos.net come "Unbreakable Smile" song by TORI KELLY: La da da da dee, you're ... The means you live her life, relies on you ... Readjust other people's lives, provide hope, also for a moment ... Due to the fact that to make it friend think i gotta act a details way, ... And also baby that knows maybe I have the right to sell out shows without acquisition off mine clothes
TYLER, THE CREATOR sommos.net - SheLooked the end the glass, viewed you sprintin' top top the grass ... If that's her ex, girlfriend should more than likely own a pistol. However I'm guessin' it's ... Gorgeous, baby you're gorgeous
LIL DICKY text - experienced RapperYeah, and I witnessed it fast all the flaws the be coming once you prosper up favor that. Understand you been ... Look in ~ that, I deserve to say there's something come prove up in her ass. Yeah, ns guess ... And also I don't even get what that obtained to carry out with this? close up door the posesthe ... Even better. And also I think you should look in ~ me together an chance to discover that out
Timbaland - The way I room sommos.net psychic the time, baby, yeah! i ain't got no money. I ain't acquired no vehicle to take you top top a date. Ns can't also buy you flowers. But together we be the perfect soul...
KEVIN gateways sommos.net - Sit Downsommos.net come "Sit Down" track by KEVIN GATES: I'm bout to tell you some shit. Ns ain't never told nobody girlfriend gon' view where the aggression come fro... ... Most days invested in the cage, wasn't what girlfriend think. Washing clothes ... Passing v your ar I ain't reflecting no affection come a nigga or a bitch ... Who your infant daddy?
THE NEIGHBOURHOOD sommos.net - FlawlessThere aren't any kind of words the you have the right to say. That might ever gain ... The only flaw – you space flawless. But I simply can't ... Tangled in between your small flaws. Her flaws...
DRAKE text - miss out on MeI'll be in ~ my table stacking dollar's to the perfect height. Job-related something ... 'Cause her verses rotate me on and also your pants room mighty fitted. Uh, damn, i think you recorded me in a moment. Like I capture em ... Weezy F Baby and the F is for Front do'
THE FRAY text - look at After You
sommos.net to "Look ~ You" track by THE FRAY: If ns don't to speak this now I will surely break as I'm leaving the one I want ... It is in my infant ... I'll look at after girlfriend ... You're the only one that knows, you sluggish it under ... What's mine is yours to make your own
Rihanna - Rehab text sommos.net to 'Rehab' by Rihanna: It's choose I checked into rehab And, baby, you're my disease / And, baby, you're my disease. ... Friend don't even recognize the means you pains me, perform you? It's gonna take it a ... Oh, you're the reason why I'm thinking
MACHINE pistol KELLY sommos.net - HaloThat you would think I got a death wish. Yeah, and the voices ... This ain't no halo... And when girlfriend play this song, organize your head high, motherfucker, don't ever before look down, be comfortable with who you are, our flaws space what renders us perfect.
Jason Mraz - ns Won't give Up sommos.net... Jason Mraz: / when I look into your eye / It's prefer watching the. ... There will certainly be times that you think it's currently over and you will certainly not succeed and also your down. ... Ns won't provide up ~ above us even though it has actually been hard and also will constantly take ... Nobody has the opportunity to be perfect, so us all must remember that and...
SIMPLE plan sommos.net - Perfect
"Perfect". Hey dad look in ~ me. Think back and speak to me. Walk I prosper up according to plan? and do you think I'm wasting mine time doing things I wanna do?
SELENA GOMEZ text - sluggish Down'Cause I simply wanna party every night in the neon lights 'til you can't let me go. I simply wanna feel her body right next to mine. All night long. Baby, sluggish down the...
Forever In mine Mind sommos.net and also translation - Kevin Doyle Nov 29, 2014 Time ns let lock all out (/) Look, Girl her all I ever think bout, every that's on my ... Through you for days, anything to get you to smile, Babay gurl i'd even walk a ... Her perfection and also imperfections, her flaws room what make you perfect to ... When im next to you, Haha Baby her so perfect Can't believe I uncovered you...
BLUE OCTOBER sommos.net - hate Mesommos.net to "Hate Me" song by BLUE OCTOBER: (If you're sleeping are girlfriend dreaming If you're dreaming room you dreaming that me? ... (”Hi Justin, this is your mother, and it's 2:33 ~ above Monday afternoon. ... And also like a baby young I never ever was a man
JESSIE J text - Nobody's Perfect
And I dislike that i made girlfriend think. The the to trust we have actually is broken. Don't call me you can't forgive me 'Cause nobody's perfect. No, no, no, no, no, no, no, nobody's...
EVERY AVENUE text - tell Me I'm A WreckI recognize I wasn't fair, i tried my finest to care about you. I understand I ... But I can't take all your jabs and taunts. You're ... Everything made girlfriend think us were intended to be?
JONATHAN MCREYNOLDS text - Lovin' MeNow I'm i do not have anything close to a perfect guy ... What about this cons to large to small, have the right to I exchange? ... And also even with the pimples on my face, you keep (lovin' me)
THE WEEKND sommos.net - rojo Stonesommos.net come "Rolling Stone" track by THE WEEKND: now your thinkin' bout that Girl your thinkin' bout that What we acquired here how we fuckin' ... Why friend think i fuckin' flow? ... I got you. So baby love me. Before they every love me. Until you won't love me
BEYONCE KNOWLES text - Ring The AlarmBut I'll be damned if ns see an additional chick on her arm. Won't you ring the alarm? i been with ... Not the snapshot perfect movie everyone would've observed
NINE customs NAILS sommos.net - Closersommos.net come "Closer" track by NINE customs NAILS: you let me violate you, girlfriend let me desecrate friend You let me ... Assist me tear down my reason, assist me its' your sex I have the right to smell. Help me you make me perfect, help me become somebody else
Ed Sheeran - Thinking
out Loud sommos.net once your legs don't job-related like they provided to before. And I can't sweep you turn off of your feet. Will certainly your mouth quiet remember the taste of my love? will your...
Jason Mraz - I'm her sommos.net19 explanations, 51 interpretations to I'm Yours text by Jason Mraz: Well, you done done me and you bet i felt that / i tried to be chill but.
K MICHELLE - perhaps I Should call sommos.netEven when you're here, you're not v me ... Damn i can't contend with a baby. Is there any type of room left in your heart because that me ... Possibly that's mine flaw. Perhaps that's why i ain't gained a man. Cause I it is in doing too lot thinking ... Michaels; Chained to The Rhythm sommos.net - Katy Perry; Perfect sommos.net - Ed Sheeran; Mask Off text - Future...

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CHRIS BROWN text - AnywayI have to be stupid babe, letting girlfriend slip far If you display me all your flaws, I'll show you mine. I'll claim your baggage,...


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