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The second season the David Letterman’s Netflix series, My next Guest demands No Introduction is top top the means and Kanye West is just one of the many high-profile guest sitting down through the host.

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In a preview of the episode below, Ye do some interesting comments in regards to his beef v Drake.

“An artist which I will not mention, since I’m not permitted to point out him or any type of of his family members members…Well, we had a small beef critical year,” Kanye supposedly says ~ above the episode prior to revealing for the non-Hip Hop fans that he is referring to Drake. “He has actually this heat that i love the says, ‘I told my story and also made history’—like make his story and also made history. It is what we do, us tell our story and also then world relate to that story.”


“I have a friend that told me that my power is mine influence,” Kanye continues. “And I said my strength is my ability to no be influenced.”

Kanye and also Drake’s past concerns hit that is peak as soon as Yeezy go on a Twitter rant demanding one apology indigenous the Toronto rapper for adhering to his wife on Instagram. In a later on rant, the “Flashing Lights” rapper accused the 6 God of threaten his family and dissing him on his Travis Scott collaboration, “Sicko Mode.”

Since then, Kanye West cleared his “Say What’s Real” sample because that Drake’s So much Gone streaming company release. Additionally, Drizzy thanked Ye for his affect on the 10-year-old body of work.

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Things can be relocating in a better direction because that the pair, however only time will certainly tell.

Check out the trailer below:

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